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January 20, 2018 3 min read

The First Baby- Products that we Recommend for Clarke and Jacinda

*Image credit Jacinda Ardern / Instagram.

Congratulations to our Prime Minister Jacinda Ardern and her partner Clarke Gayford, who, unless you were under a rock (or underwater) yesterday, you will know have announced that they're expecting a baby!

Here at Global Baby we're so excited about the First Baby! Straight away the team were chatting about the products that we think Jacinda and Clarke should get, what would suit their lifestyle between Auckland and Wellington, and of course what would be useful for Clarke as a stay at home dad!


Here are our ideas.

Stroller: Mutsy Nexo

The Nexo is a cool, compact little stroller. It'll be easy to cart between Auckland and Wellington, or keep one in the car boot at each city, they fold up really small and will take up hardly any room in there. The Nexo is more than a travel stroller, it handles well, especially in small spaces like cafes and it'll be a dream to push along those parliamentary corridors. Clarke could take bubs out for a stroll along Oriental Parade, or to Point Chevalier Beach, there's virtually nowhere the Nexo can't go- they could even fold it up and pop it in the bow of the boat when they go on trips to Hauraki Gulf Islands.

The Nexo was updated with a seat angle adjuster in 2017, so it's now suitable from birth. Or for the ultimate in convenience we'd recommend they purchase adapters so they can attach their capsule (car seat) to the Nexo.

Because this is New Zealand, they should probably invest in a rain cover!And because pretty much all new parents love coffee, a cupholderwould be helpful too. 

Car Seat Adapters: Mutsy Nexo Maxi Cosi Adapters

These handy adapters will make life that little bit easier. They attach to the Mutsy Nexo pram and allow the capsule to quickly and easily connect. Perfect when the First Baby is sleeping, because baby won't be disturbed when they're taken from car to stroller or stroller to car.


Capsule: Maxi Cosi Cabriofix with Maxi Cosi Easyfix Base

We chose this capsule and base for Clarke and Jacinda because the capsule is lightweight and very easy to carry. The base is easy to transfer between cars, though we would recommend keeping one in Auckland and one in Wellington. The base can be installed in the car using isofix or seatbelt, but we reckon that the parliamentary cars have isofix. The capsule can also be installed in the car without the base, handy when you're travelling, but it is a little bit of mucking around, so we wouldn't doing it in a Wellington southerly!


Baby Carrier: Chekoh Wrap

Clarke already mentioned in the press conference yesterday that they'd been discussing front packs. We think he'd look pretty cool in a Chekoh Wrap, and we'd love to see Jacinda wearing one in the debating chamber!

Baby Bouncer: Baby Bounce Bouncinette

Having caught a glimpse of the inside of Jacinda and Clarke's Point Chev home on election night, we think that this baby bouncer would fit right in. It's a classic, slightly retro design that the Ardern-Gayfords might remember from their childhoods, and it's made in New Zealand too.

Relatively Manly Nappy Bag: Mutsy Igo Nappy Bag

 This nappy bag is a good one for the dads, with no cupcakes or unicorns, or pink or purple stripes (OK, none of the nappy bags we sell have those things), it'll look good hanging on the stroller, or over Clarke's shoulder as he strolls with the First Baby down Lambton Quay. Inside he'll find  a change mat, pockets for bottles, and plenty of space for all those things babies need.

Book: You Simply Can't Spoil a Newborn by Dorothy Waide

This book is so helpful! We recommend that both parents read it before baby arrives. We love all the little Dorothy-isms in this book, like 'never keep a hungry baby waiting', and of course 'you simply can't spoil a newborn'.


A big, heartfelt congratulations from us to Jacinda and Clarke. Babies really are the most wonderful creatures, and we're so happy that you're to be blessed with one this year. Of course it's not all about what you buy, get, or use, mostly it's about cuddles, kisses, and loving a little person more than you thought possible. And feeling immensely proud when they do something little, like burp!! LOL! Enjoy it guys xx


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