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The Cabriofix is a popular and well-known baby capsule by Maxi Cosi. Families love it for its ease of use and five star safety rating. It can be installed in most cars using the Easyfix Base, either in isofix or seat belt mode. The Cabriofix is also compatible with a number of strollers, including our Mutsy i2, Edwards and Co Oscar G3, and Bugaboo strollers, allowing you to build your own baby travel system.

  • Click & Go installation
  • Side Protection System
  • Flexible travel system with the EasyFix Base
  • Extra comfortable head support

 Ease of use

• The CabrioFix can be installed stand-alone in the car with the 3-point seat belt

• Quick and easy installation in combination with a ISOFIX base unit

• Lighweight infant carrier (3.35kg) with ergonomic handlebar for easy carrying

• Cover can be removed from the car seat with dismantling the integral harness

• Cover can be removed from the car seat and is easy to wash and clean in the washing machine



• Extra padding near the head for extra support and comfortable for the newborn

• In combination with the FamilyFix the CabrioFix can be put into 5 comfortable positions giving the newborn much comfort

• Sun protected with the integrated sun canopy



• CabrioFix includes a 3-point safety harness

• The side protection system protects the head and neck of your newborn

• Car seat is positioned rear facing in the car for optimal safe travel



• Very convenient adjustment of the headrest making the CabrioFix adaptable to the size of the baby

• In combination with the FamilyFix the CabrioFix and Pearl are a convenient solution from birth up to approx. 4 years (Newborn - 13kg).



What is the right position for the headrest of my child car seat?

The child's head has to be totally protected and should not exceed the headrest.


What is the right position/height for the safety harness?

The harness straps should be placed at the level of the shoulders, not coming from above nor below. The headrest should be adjusted in consequence, keeping the harness at the level of the shoulders.


Is it safe to use second-hand car seats?

 Maxi Cosi advises against purchasing a used car seat. The history of a second-hand car seat is often unknown. In other words, you cannot know for certain how it has been used. Car seats that have been involved in an accident are no longer guaranteed to be safe. The car seat may also be damaged in some other way or may be incomplete.


When should I remove the support pillow and head hugger from the Maxi-Cosi CabrioFix?

The support pillow and headhugger are especially designed to offer a perfect fit for small babies. When the baby outgrows the smallest position of the safety harness (usually around 8 weeks) the support pillow can be removed. You can continue to use the headhugger for extra comfort of the baby longer. Then when you baby outgrows this headhugger you can also take it out the car seat entirely. Please consult the manual for a visualisation.

Do I have to adjust the safety harness each time I place my child in the car seat?

Yes. Each time you install your child in the car seat you should fasten the safety harness. This is because the child can wear different clothing. If the harness is correctly tight, you should be able to pass only 1 finger between your child's body and the harness strap.


How do I remove the cover for washing?

The cover can be washed by hand in accordance with the instructions on the care label. The instruction manual contains detailed instructions on how to remove the fabric cover.

What are the rules for using a car seat in an airplane?

There are no international rules for using a car seat in an airplane. If the baby is 0 to 13 months, a car seat can make air travel easier and safer.The Maxi-Cosi Citi SPS and Maxi-Cosi Pebble have been legally approved for aircraft use in accordance with the guidelines of the German TüV certification agency. This can be seen by the TüV approval sticker on the side of the product. In all cases, the airline must be informed about any use of a car seat on a plane. Ask your travel agency or airline when booking your tickets about the rules and possibilities. The Maxi-Cosi Citi SPS or Maxi-Cosi Pebble must be installed in a rear-facing position, just as in a car, only using the lap belt in the airline seat. The belt must be threaded through the blue belt hooks and secured tightly. If you have any specific installation questions, consult the cabin crew, since every aircraft has a different seat layout.


Why does the Maxi-Cosi need a support leg to support IsoFix products?

This support leg serves several functions. The support leg prevents the car seat from rotating (tipping) in the event of an accident. If the support leg is not used, the car seat may be pushed so far into the seat of the car during a front-end collision that the child will be thrown forward and may even hit the front seat or dashboard. The support leg is equipped with an indicator that shows whether the installation is correct. All IsoFix products from Maxi-Cosi have indicators so that you can immediately see whether the car seat has been installed correctly. The indicators are located on the steel IsoFix anchor points and the support leg: a green colour appears if the support leg is adjusted properly. The IsoFix products from Maxi-Cosi rank among the very best and safest car seats on the market. The Maxi-Cosi CabrioFix with EasyFix base has received the highest possible rating of five stars. Your child is guaranteed optimal safety with our IsoFix products. 



We will always install your child restraint for free! If you ever have any questions about your restraint, if you would like us to re-install it or install it in another call for you, just come back and see us in store and we will help you out. We won't charge a re-install fee either, it's all part of the service. 

If you would like to purchase a particular colour seat that is not in stock on the website, please contact Global Baby directly as we might be able to order it for you.


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