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January 28, 2018 4 min read

The First Three Months: 8 Products we're loving

I can hardly believe that our baby girl Remi is three months old! I really am having the most wonderful time looking after her, I do miss the store, and the customers of course, but mostly I love being at home with my little girl! 


It's amazing to see her learning new skills and testing them out, like reaching out for toys, and making noises. The other day I phoned my husband from the car (hands free) and said 'I've just called you to complain about how hot it is' then I started laughing, and Remi, who was in in her rear-facing car seat in the back seat, started giggling as well! I knew that she would smile when people smiled at her, but I didn't know that she would laugh from just hearing laughter.


I've been enjoying testing out the products that we sell at Global Baby, and I've got some definite faves, especially with this hot weather! Here are my top 8.



1. Kidsagogo Rompers

Remi wears them every day. With this crazy heat the fine cotton rompers are perfect, they're super cute too! I love that they don't ride up, because I'm holding her a lot, and with the snaps at the crotch they're really easy for nappy changes (surprisingly we have some other rompers without snaps!) There are only a few of these cute little Kidsagogo rompers available in store, but they are 30% off at the moment so I think they're worth a look!

2. Nuna Leaf + Toybar

I love this video of Remi reaching out for the toys on the toybar. The Nuna Leaf can sway gently, when you give it a little push it will keep swaying for a few minutes. We don't use the swaying very often- except when big sister comes along and gives it a push. You can adjust the Leaf so that it can't sway, not that we do. I find that the leaf is such a handy place to put baby while I do things like prepare dinner or a cup of tea, or fold the washing, she is almost always happy in there. Lately, because of the heat, I've put the leaf near the ranch slider, so she get's a nice breeze while she's on there.


3. Mutsy Igo

We're out and about with the pram most days, and we're looking forward to the February Walking Challenge when we'll walk every single day. Currently I'm using the Igo Chassis with adapters and the car seat (capsule), or for longer walks we take the carry cot. A couple of times I used the stroller with the seat, because somehow some food got into the carry cot and ants got in there (OMG !!??) so I had to remove the lining and sheet to wash them. I guess it was good for me to learn how easy it was to remove!


4. Oohbubs Legs Out Swaddle

I'm loving the new pink Legs Out Swaddle.It's perfect for day and night sleeps, especially in this crazy heat!! Remi has been sleeping in just the Legs Out Swaddle and a nappy, and on the occasional night when I wake up and it's cool, I'll put a sheet or blanket over her from the chest down, and tuck it tightly into the bassinet mattress.


5. Write to Me Baby Journal

This journal is such a lovely, simple design. I'm really going to enjoy writing in it one day, but for now it's sitting on the shelf looking pretty.


6. Sleepy Kiwi board book by Kat Merewether

There are just some books that are fun to read aloud and this is one of them. The pictures are bold and baby seems to enjoy looking at the pages. This is a great gift for New Zealanders living overseas!


7. Global Baby 100% Cotton Wash Cloths

These cloths are super soft and they wash well. I try not to use disposable wipes very often, because Remi had some nappy rash at the start and our midwife recommended that we not use them. Other times I hold baby under the tap on the bathroom sink, another great idea from our lovely midwife Tonia.


8. Matching Outfits

I'm crazy about matching outfits. No really, I've gone a bit nuts. The other day I emailed a brand to ask if they had any baby clothes in the same print as a dress that my big girl still fits from last summer. Lucky for me they did!! The first thing I think when I see a cute item of clothing for one of the girls, is 'that's cute but do they have it in Priya's/ Remi's size so they can match'. I imagine that Priya won't want to match with her little sister for much longer so I'm making the most of it while I can. It makes me really wish that I had a sister!!


Thanks for reading! I do enjoy writing these posts :-)



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