You Simply Can't Spoil a Newborn- Book by Dorothy Waide

Dorothy Waide

This is a helpful book for new parents, with advice about feeding and sleeping, and lots of other things.

The first three months of a newborn baby's life offer new parents a unique opportunity to lay a solid and loving foundation that will last a lifetime. Dorothy Waide, one of the world's most sought-after baby consultants, believes that newborns the world over need unconditional love and consistency to help them make sense of their new world and their place in it.

You Simply Can't Spoil a Newborn sets out Dorothy's nuturing approach in calming the most unsettled baby, and teaching them to self-settle and resettle, as well as advice on how to solve common feeding issues and how to manae time, relationships and emotional demands in the weeks following the birth.

As Dorothy says, 'Spoiling doesn't come into it- it is impossible to shower your baby with too much love'.

The drops that are pictured are sold seperately.

About Dorothy Waide

Dorothy Waide trained as a Karitane Mothercraft nurse in New Zealand in the 1970's, Dorothy spent over 20 years overseas working as a baby nurse for Hollywood celebrities, media magnates, and other people who could afford such a service, typically spending two weeks to six months with the family of a new baby. Now that Dorothy has written a book you can learn from her advice without the hefty price tag.