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8 Things they don't tell you about having a baby

April 27, 2016

8 Things they don't tell you about having a baby

Oh the surprises! With all the hormones rushing though your body after you have a baby, plus all the changes that the little person brings to your life, there's a lot that happens that people don't tell you about. There are also a lot of weird things that go on with your body that we've left off the list. Maybe one day we'll write a list of things they REALLY don't tell you about having a baby, LOL! For now, here's our list:

1. You have a new appreciation for mums

Your own mum, your aunties, your friends who are mums, dogs who've had puppies and cats who've had kittens, animals you see at the zoo, they're all amazing!

2. You reach a new level of tirednes

Suddenly tired isn't an adequate word and it doesn't even begin to explain the way that you feel, exhausted isn't quite the right word either. You're way beyond tired, you're next level tired, you're shattered, you need a new word because they don't even begin to cover this exhaustion occupying every cell of your body.

3. Which brings us to coffee

It has never tasted so good, you anticipate that first sip in the morning a million times more than you used to look forward to a wine on a Friday night, and as soon as it's finished you wish for another. Why has no-one invented a never ending flat white?

4. Nappy changes aren't that gross

They're nowhere near as gross as you think they'll be, you might even start inspecting the colour and texture of the poo right up close, without even caring about what it really is. Quick disclaimer- they don't stay that way for ever- a two year old who ate spaghetti bolognaise for dinner last night? The following nappy change is pretty gross.

5. You can do almost everything with one hand

Make a sandwich, send an email, hang out a load of washing- you can do it all one handed! Here's a tip that my mum gave me when my daughter was about 10 months old (so too late) if you carry your baby on your non dominant side, you'll find the one handed things a little bit easier to do!

6. Nipples hurt

Waaaah!!!! They hurt so bad! Whether you're breastfeeding or expressing, they're probably going to be pretty sore (like, really sore). Invest in a good lanolin nipple cream, and pack it in your hospital bag. When I was pregnant someone told me that I should rub my nipples with sandpaper, to toughen them up and prepare them. WTF!!! Don't do that! I didn't take that piece of advice. And make sure you buy a decent stash of breast pads, because to add insult to sore-nipple injury, your milkers will probably leak :-/
Haakaa Disposable Nursing Pad (Butterfly)
Haakaa Disposable Nursing Pad (Butterfly)

7. All about maternity pads

Maternity pads are thick, and they're not that easy to find at the supermarket, you'll probably find them near the floor- like how are you going to reach them down there when you've just had a baby and can hardly move?!? Best to buy some before you give birth, if you're tempted to go for the normal pads in the pretty packets, just step away, they ain't gunna cut it.

8. Some things aren't the same

Like your pelvic floor- look after it because things like skipping, bouncing on trampolines, and holding on to go to the loo when you're stuck in traffic aren't the same otherwise. You can do kegel exercises to help get things back to how they were.

Don't worry babes- you got this

We hope we didn't make it all sound too bad! You're in for the ride of your life, but don't worry, it'll be amazing- you're amazing. Good luck xx