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Viva La Vulva

Viva La Vulva Postpartum Peri Wash Cleansing Bottle

This strange looking bottle is super handy after giving birth. Because let's be honest, it's pretty fragile down there for a few weeks. 

Sometimes wiping just isn’t an option and it stings to pee. The Peri Wash Bottle helps dilute your urine to prevent stinging and infection. We know it looks weird, but honestly, it will be one of your go-to-best-things-ever to take care of down there after baby is born.

When toilet paper feels like sandpaper, use your Peri Wash Bottle on your stitches or tears for the first couple of weeks following your birth. Your vagina and perineum are working double-time to repair themselves. Give them a little extra help by using this easy and portable postpartum cleansing peri wash bottle.

  • Made to be held upside down
  • Includes a narrow angled neck for a comfortable continuous stream
  • The perfect item to use in your postpartum healing journey.
  • BPA free
  • 300ml capacity


 Fill bottle with luke warm water mixed with a few drops of witch hazel or hypercal tincture, or just on its own - it's to help dilute urine to take the sting away.

About Viva la Vulva 

Viva La Vulva is a New Zealand brand specialising in products to support mothers through the postpartum period. With a range of tinctures and sprays, these products will help new mums through those first tough weeks.

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