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Viva La Vulva

Viva La Vulva Healing Perineal Spray Ready-To-Use

Introducing the new Viva La Vulva Healing Perineal Spray Ready-to-Use, reformulated to now include Viva La Vulva’s The Good Witch Hazel for extra healing powers, mixed with the OG mother-of-all-healing-tincture Hypercal. AND in a super easy refillable spray bottle that is ready to use instantly!

Plus this bottle of magic sprays effortlessly upside down. So handy when you need instant relief down there!

This healing spray eases the discomfort of postpartum vaginal swelling, soreness, and tears, tightness around stitches and offers instant pain relief, because OUCH.

It can also be used after c-section delivery, diminishing healing times.


Viva La Vulva Healing Perineal Spray benefits:

  • All-natural

    Anti-inflammatory, helps soothe swelling and vaginal soreness

    Instantly relieves pain and stingy sensations

    Helps heal stitches and promotes rapid healing of sensitive skin tissues

    Anti-bacterial, helps prevent infections

    Use on any cuts or wounds, burns and even sunburn

    Antioxidant properties, prevent or slow damage to cells

    Anti-viral properties, fights against viruses and inhibits their growth

    Helps relieve haemorrhoids

    You can use as much as you like and as often as you like





For Vaginal Birth:

There are no rules with this mama. Spray directly to your perineal area as frequently as needed to instantly relieve pain and soothe swelling.

Spray me upside down for easy application!

For C-Section Birth:

Spray directly on your c-section incision.* It is ideal for any cuts, tears, scars and helps diminish scar healing time.

*Talk to your Lead Maternity Carer first to discuss your specific needs and when would be best to use.



Refill this bottle with our Hypercal Healing Tincture and keep it in the fridge to spray on any other cuts or abrasions - it will become a family go-to!


Full Ingredients: Calendula, Hypericum, Witch Hazel, Aqua, Sodium Benzoate, Gluconolactone. In the unlikely event that irritation occurs, please discontinue use.


About Viva la Vulva 

Viva La Vulva is a New Zealand brand specialising in products to support mothers through the postpartum period. With a range of tinctures and sprays, these products will help new mums through those first tough weeks.