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Viva La Vulva

Viva La Vulva Breasties

These reusable gel bead packs have made to contour and fit your breasts, sit comfortably in your bra, as well as being able to fit around a breast pump. Designed to help breastfeeding mamas with the wild ride of breastfeeding: engorgement, mastitis, and pain in between feeds.

The cold therapy is a safe way to help relieve engorgement, soothe pain and reduce swelling while the heat therapy can help relieve mastitis, help unblock ducts, encourage milk flow and let down. 

  • Can be used warm (place in the microwave) or cool (place in the fridge)
  • Gel breast pads
  • Soothes engorgement
  • Reduces swelling and pain
  • Stimulates milk flow
  • Please see box for detailed heating/ cooling directions

Product includes: 2 reusable gel bead packs.

About Viva la Vulva - 

Viva La Vulva is a New Zealand brand specialising in products to support mothers through the postpartum period. With a range of tinctures and sprays, these products will help new mums through those first tough weeks.