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Babyhood Standard Cot Jersey Cotton Fitted Sheet - Drops

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Made to fit our standard sized cots, these plush 100% cotton jersey sheets are incredibly soft and luxurious to touch. Created from a luxurious knit jersey fabric, just like your favourite tee shirt.

The elasticised fitted sheet is easy to attach to standard sized babyhood cotmattresses.

The 100% cotton textile means that the fibre is safer for your baby as it is breathable, made from a natural source, absorbs moisture away from your baby’s body especially during the humid summer months – ensuring your baby is more comfortable for short naps or long sleeps.

  • 100% jersey cotton
  • Made from a beautiful soft jersey that feels luxurious to touch
  • Breathable for maximum airflow
  • Cool in summer as cotton wicks moisture away from your baby’s body
  • Elasticised as a fitted sheet so it reduces movement over the mattress
  • Gently stretches to fit firmly around your cot mattress
  • To fit mattress approximately W62cm x L122cm x H24cm
  • Perfect fit for theBabyhood Riya Cot,Babyhood Lulu Cot,Babyhood Bella Cot, andBabyhood Mila Cot.

Includes: 1 x fitted sheet

About Babyhood

Creating innovative, award-winning designs that support busy parents every day with clever, safer solutions to the joys and challenges of parenting. Australian brand Babyhood make cots that are fully tested to the toughest Au/ NZ Standards, by Furntech-AFRDI, an independent not-for-profit technical organisation providing standards, testing and product certification.

Parents can rest assured that Babyhood's products are rigorously tested to be the safest, when they are tested by Furntech-AFRDI. Raising our children is one of the most important roles we will ever undertake. So Babyhood passionately strives to deliver innovative quality products – safer, simpler, easier and more affordable for parents to focus on creating beautiful moments for their families.

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