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Sigrids Sleepy Time Bodywash (450ml)

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Made in New Zealand
Internationally Certified Natural 450ml

Natural & lovingly crafted in New Zealand. Sigrid’s Sleepy 2 in One Body Wash and Shampoo is light and delicate on young skin and hair. It gently cleans with natural and organic plant ingredients and new Zealand spring water that is safe for babies, while relaxing and inducing sleep. Designed to look after delicate and sensitive skin. Hypoallergenic, no irritants, synthetics or harmful chemicals. the highest quality for all skin types including people with chemical sensitivities & intolerances.

• Relaxing Sleep inducing fragrance
• A great 2 in 1 no tear formula
• Leaves skin soft to the touch
• Rich & deeply moisturizing for cleaning head to toe|
• With a beautiful 100% natural fragrance
• Natural and pure ingredients
• Nourishes and refines the surface of the skin and hair
• Pure botanical extracts
• Soothing on baby and kids skin
• 100% Natural and pure ingredients
• No harmful chemicals
• zero toxins & paraben free
• hypoallergenic
• pH Balanced
• gentle skin formula


Add a hazelnut-sized portion of Sigrid’s Sleepy wash into your hand, lather onto your skin with warm water. Relax and Rinse away all remaining residue.

About Sigrid's

Growing up her mother and older brother had terrible asthma and Sigrid was sensitive to chemicals. They couldn't find truely natural products in the supermarket to use so out of love, Nigel (a biochemist) was constantly innovating old family recipes passed down from Sigrid’s Great grandmother (Sigrid Lindstrom) and grandmother who had used homemade natural products on their 11 children over the years, to create new, healthy products for his family to use. The products were good, and effective, so good in fact that others started asking if they could get them.

All Sigrid's products are made in New Zealand, soap-free, GE free, cruelty-free, septic tank and grey water safe, biodegradable, and most are gluten-free too.

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