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Nana Huchy

Nana Huchy Benny the Bear Hoochie Coochie Puppet Comforter

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A revolutionary & oh-so-snuggly baby sleep aid, the Hoochy Coochie puppet comforter!

A one-stop dream station, the Hoochy Coochie's got it all: hand puppet for story times, secure dummy holder to keep their soother always within reach, and a hand-sized pocket for late-night cuddles. Bedtime will never be the same again with this captivating companion, sure to relax and delight your babies & toddlers like no other!

Our Hoochy Coochies are designed to be favourites, those extra special toys that young children form an attachment to, keeping them close wherever they go, & using them as self-soothing aids.

Benny the Bear is the cheeky younger cousin of brothers, Neddy & Fredd. While Neddy & Freddy hail from the North Pole, Benny was raised in the wild, rugged coasts of Alaska. 

  • Measures 34cm
  • Suitable for 0+
  • Gentle cold machine wash, do not tumble dry.
  • Hand Puppet
  • Dummy Attachment
  • Gives warm hugs.

About Nana Huchy

Established in 2003, Melbourne-based Nana Huchy is the brainchild of Lucy Morrison, mother of two rambunctious humans & one very affectionate dog. The brand curates classic toys, gifts & baby blankets made from beautifully soft materials & produced with superior quality – a nod to Nana & the things she used to craft. Made with love, the goal is always to encourage imagination & of course, to make memories for a long time to come.

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