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Misery Guts

Misery Guts Botanical Calm Balm 50g

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Made in Aotearoa, Misery Guts have loving blended a range of age old ingredients known to repair, calm, protect and moisturise.

Packaged in a stylish yet sturdy 50gm amber glass jar.

Save the whole family some misery with this ever popular 100% natural & multifunctional balm. 

Packed with nourishing natural ingredients that help to heal and nourish sensitive skin, the baby balm also has a delicate aroma that helps calm and relax moods. It now includes a touch of Rosemary to prolong its life making it still 100% natural.

This luxurious balm features mānuka honey to moisturise, native koromiko & native kawakawa known to reduce inflammation & aid healing, mandarin oil to emotionally calm & soothe.

Coconut oil for its anti fungal & anti bacterial benefits, Sunflower oil and CocoButter to moisturise, while the beeswax forms a protective wall sealing in moisture yet allowing skin to breath.

Originally inspired by the home made nappy cream Shelly made for her babies and then Tanja's, we then worked with an accomplished NZ skincare developer, and made this just, well, an extraordinary everything balm!

Dispense a small amount onto the palm of your hand & gently massage onto skin.


SUNFLOWER OIL – is a light, non-greasy vitamin rich oil that leaves the skin feeling smooth & supple. It protects from skin infections and bacterial infection, enhances skin barrier function

BEESWAX – Natures skin barrier protection, it forms a protective wall by sealing in moisture in our skin without smothering allowing the skin to breath

COCOA SEED BUTTER – Cocoa has been called “food of the gods”. It has been used for centuries in Africa for its moisturising and healing properties, where it has been used to protect and condition skin which has been damaged by the sun and wind. Cocoa butter contains natural antioxidants and is naturally rich in vitamin E and other vitamins and minerals as well as cocoa mass polyphenol Women have used it for centuries to prevent and treat stretch marks.

COCONUT OIL - Coconut Oil is anti-fungal, antiviral, antibacterial, supports tissue healing and growth and is rich in Vitamin E.

MANUKA HONEY - Natures liquid gold full of proteins, amino acids, vitamins and minerals. Natural humectant that draws moisture into the skin

KAWAKAWA EXTRACT – One of the most important and frequently used plants in Rongoa (Maori medicine) providing cleansing and healing properties to the skin whilst it is also recognised to reduce inflammation.

KOROMIKO EXTRACT - Koromiko's astringent action reduces weeping and aids healing by gently constricting tissues to form a protective barrier. This astringent action also makes it particularly useful to help reduce the inflammation associated with many skin conditions, as often experienced with nappy rash.

VITAMIN E – Natural Vitamin E provides Antioxidant protection to the formula and the skin.

MANDARIN OIL - Deeply restful, it’s calming for your emotions and is great for soothing grouchy, overtired children.

Free of mineral oil, paraffin, parabens, silicones, SLS, DEA, TEA, PEGs, colorants or artificial fragrances
NO Parabens, NO Sulfates, NO Petrochemicals, NO Synthetic emulsifiers, NO Alcohol, NO Artificial colours, NO Mineral oil, NO Artificial fragrances

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