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Made with love - Pregnancy Journal

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Made with love is the pregnancy journal to start your journey with: a diary to guide you through every step of your pregnancy.

Deciding to have a baby is just one of many steps to prepare yourself and your body for pregnancy and made with love is designed to both help you conceive, as well as be a comprehensive and complete keepsake and diary of your pregnancy and birth. See below for contents.

made with love is a comprehensive guided pregnancy journal.

The main part of made with love pregnancy journal is designed to follow your journey from discovering your pregnancy, right the way through to birth. It is ideal to begin even earlier in their journey for pre-conception planning, as couples decide to have a baby. The pregnancy journal begins with an introduction to health and fertility, and concludes with a records and reflections journal to follow baby’s birth.

Pregnancy Journal Contents
The central contents are made up of:

  • complete pregnancy journal to 40 weeks
  • checklists for each trimester
  • pregnancy appointments, scans and screenings
  • weekly pregnancy journal – unique journal prompts for each unique week of pregnancy
  • choosing your midwife or lead maternity carer
  • antenatal appointments and midwife visits
  • partner’s notes
  • birth plan
  • hospital bag checklist
  • baby shopping checklist
  • records and milestones

The preceding fertility journal covers:

  • pre-conception checklist and personal health diary: mental health, healthy habits, diet, exercise, stress, sleep and lifestyle
  • ovulation guide and menstrual cycle tracker
  • trying to conceive and fertility diary
  • overcoming fertility challenges
  • medical appointments

The concluding postnatal chapter covers:

  • records and reflections
  • antenatal appointments and midwife visits
  • The journey to create made with love pregnancy journal
  • made with love is a dream I have had for many years, possibly as long as the little white book. I began my own fertility journey shortly after our wedding in 2016, recently sharing my four-year experience with hypothalamic amenorrhea. I have been working with midwives, mothers, and mothers-to-be to create what I hope will be a fundamental pregnancy companion.

Beginning your fertility and pregnancy journey with made with love will help you to navigate each aspect of trying to conceive, feel more in control, and prepare for pregnancy in every way: from your health to your daily lifestyle, and even your finances.

When you become pregnant, you move onto the main part of the book, which will be your weekly journal and record book, and ultimately, a keepsake of your pregnancy. Keeping a pregnancy journal can be incredibly beneficial, especially in the early months when you are experiencing so many new and unfamiliar feelings and thoughts. The structured checklists and antenatal pages will guide you through each pregnancy scan and midwife/LMC appointment, while the unique weekly journal prompts encourage you to reflect on your journey, and record each new experience. Each week guides you through questions about your body and your baby, with space for photos of your scans, your growing bump, or any other special memories. There are also dedicated pages for partners to make their own notes.

The concluding chapters of the book are for your birth plan, hospital and shopping checklists, and finally your post-birth records, reflections and postnatal appointments, as well as plenty of blank pages for you to continue your diary, or include your first new family photos.

Early reviews of made with love:

“This is exactly what I wish I’d had when I was pregnant, you have covered everything”

“Beautiful work Meg, I’ll definitely use it for my next pregnancy!”

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