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Leander Matty Change Mat / Cappuccino

Did you know that when you have a child, you’re changing nappies 6-10 times a day? That adds up to several thousand nappy changes by the time your child is three. A good changing space with all you need is worth looking at to make your pit stops a real pleasure for baby and for you.

The Matty change mat from Leander lets you create a changing station where it suits you best. Simply put Matty on a flat surface like the top of a dresser, a table or the laundry bench and the non-slip base will keep it safely in place. The mat is 100% waterproof and no spillages will leak into it. Easy to wipe down and clean.

Matty is made from PUR (polyurethane foam) which is a very robust and sturdy material but also very soft to the touch. So soft that you do not need any fabric layers like a cover or a towel before you put your baby down.

The mat measures 70x50x11cm and weighs 2.9kg

Care instructions:

  • The Matty is to be cleaned with lukewarm water and mild soap.
  • Disinfectants are not to be used.


What is special about Matty compared to other changing

In contrast to many other changing mats, Matty is made from soft and watertight material. If necessary, you can wipe the changing mat with a moist cloth, and it will be ready to use again. You do not need to remove a cover and wash it.
The mat can be used as it is, with no extra equipment. 

What is PUR?

PUR is a flexible and robust material that is ideal for furniture, especially parts in direct contact with the user, such as a changing mat. PUR is pleasant to touch, and the surface is very robust. 

Is Matty slip-resistant?

Yes. The changing mat is designed to stay where you place it. The four small "feet" under the changing mat suspend it lightly above the table, and also hold the mat firm.

Is Matty safe for my baby to lie on?

You must never leave your baby alone on the changing mat. Yet most parents also know that babies and children never stop moving. Therefore Matty has high sides that help to keep your baby on the changing mat, which also creates a
secure space for your baby. 


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