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Horizontal Parenting by Michelle Woo


How to Entertain Your Kid While Lying Down

Children are exhausting! In the marathon of modern parenting sometimes you need 10 precious minutes to rest your body and tune out the chaos. 

Enter Horizontal Parenting - The super simple parenting hack for everyone, everywhere.

Need a break...now? This book includes quick and clean instructions for 50 fun effective and hilarious games to play with toddlers and children while lying down. No batteries, screens or endless supply lists needed. 


  • What's on my butt?
  • Hide and seek ish
  • Railroad to relaxation
  • Don't wake the giant

Relax and let your little ones release some energy while you catch your breath (and maybe even a few z's). All you need is a comfortable surface, a few household items and some imagination and you too can master the sanity-saving art of horizontal parenting.

Published: 14th October 2021

Pages: 112

About The Author

Michelle Woo is a writer and editor based in Los Angeles. She was the parenting editor at Lifehacker where she wrote essential articles on modern family life, including the widely read inspiration for this book, "How to Entertain Your Child While Lying Down." Her work has been featured by CNN, USA TODAY, and Jezebel . She is a mom to two young children, and is currently a senior platform editor at Medium .

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