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Forget Me Not Journals

Forget Me Not - To My Grandchildren Journal Latte

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A Completely Unique Grandparents Journal And Childhood / Baby Book

Suitable To Start From Any Age, also available in Latte

By spending a few minutes to record the most precious moments, you can create an heirloom book of baby and childhood memories to cherish for a lifetime.

Included are 140 prompts across three pages of glossy gold foil stickers and a 200 page journal with delicate dotted lines, space for a date and internal pocket for mementos.

Benefits of this unique grandparents journal & beautiful gold foil prompt stickers

  • Create the ideal grandparents journal for your own needs – you decide the order of stickers used, which to use, and which aren’t suitable for you at this moment.
  • Start anytime, can be used even before grandchildren come along, by an older person who wants to record their life for their family to remember.
  • Three ribbons, so grandparents can journal to multiple grandchildren or use the journal prompts to the children in one section of the book, and record their lifetime memories in another.
  • Never run out of space while filling in your journal, whether you need three lines or three pages for your memories, the pages are yours to make your own.
  • Leave no blank spaces left for prompts you don’t feel like answering.
  • As many photo/memento pages as you like, each page can be used to record baby milestones, use the journal prompts, write letters to your grandchild or grandchildren, free-writing, or for photos.
  • Gender neutral, suitable for either grandparent to use for one grandchild or many

About Forget Me Not -

After five years in business as She Said Yes, Megan decided it was time for her journals to have a dedicated home, and a place to develop further independently. 

As a diary writer from a young age, Megan has long been obsessed with the practice of journalling, but now having a young family, wanted to create special keepsake journals for families, to relive special moments forever.

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