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Discoveroo Marble Run

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Use your creativity to create different obstacles and watch the marble travel through the path you have created! The Discoveroo wooden Marble Run will provide hours of entertainment for your child. The wooden design includes an array of obstacle pieces, tower pieces and marble run shoots to create any combination of marble tracks for fun and creative play.

The ramps join together using a simple nesting mechanism so the marbles run down easily any track that you build.

There are a lot of accessories including tunnels, a bell, a direction changer and an arrangement of different blocks to make amazing tracks.

Age 3 years and up

Item no: 29616

Package Dimension: Approx 36 x 27 x 6 cms

Contents: 8 ramp components, 5 marbles, 19 blocks, 1 bell, 5 tunnels, and 2 marble catchers

Eco-friendly wooden construction marble run

Helps to develop simple problem-solving skills through creative and imaginative play

Created with smooth, rounded edges to ensure easy use for little hands


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