What's in my Nappy Bag

April 23, 2018

What's in my Nappy Bag

Now that my baby is six months old, we're in an easy stage when it comes to carrying stuff around in the nappy bag. She's still breastfed so I don't need to take bottles or sippy cups, and she isn't eating much in the way of solids, so I don't need to take a whole lot of food either! I try to not keep too much in my bag, because I don't want it to be heavy, and I figure that we're never very far from home so we san always go back. Then I started writing my list and OMG, babies require so much stuff! 

Nappy changing gear


Well, duh, that's the point of a nappy bag right? I usually have 1-3 spares in my bag. Plus a small packet of wipes. I always have nappies stashed in my car and my husband's car too, and out the back of Global Baby, yep, more nappies there. Some nappy bags come with a foldable change mat and I think they're the best thing, you can use them on public change tables, in the boot of your car, or on the grass if you have to. 

Another option is the Pretty Brave Roundabout, and it's also the best thing! It's a change mat with a pouch for your wipes and nappies. The whole things folds up nicely to slide into your nappy bag.

Change of clothes


I usually have just one change of clothes for the baby. In summer I like rompers and in winter I like all-in-ones, because the one item is a whole outfit so it's less to carry. But it does mean that we don't have many options, if the baby's clothes have been changed once and they get messy again, we pretty much have to go home. I never have a change of clothes for me, so if for some reason I get covered in anything gross, we have either clean it off with baby wipes (all mums know that almost anything can be cleaned with baby wipes) or I put on my jacket, or we go home. Click the image above to check out our Little Flock of Horrors merino clothing range.


Kip&Co Unicorn Swaddle

Image: The Style Aesthetic

A small blanket to keep bubs warm, or to use as a playmat when we're out and about, or for a bit of privacy while breastfeeding. In summer we opt for light cotton or bamboo and in winter we go for wool. This soft 100% bamboo unicorn swaddle blanket is from our popular Kip & Co Range.



Depending on the season, a sun hat or a wollen hat is a must! It feels like there are about five days a year in Auckland that don't require one type of hat or the other.


A bit of change for coffee, parking, ice-blocks or anything else mums need. Did I mention coffee?


My fave is Bobbi Brown Blush, I seriously think that this shade goes with anything and doesn't require much skill or concentration to apply!



At six months old, Remi is at the stage where she's happy with just one toy. To be honest she's just as happy with a paper napkin, but I don't know if eating paper is good for her so I take a toy! Teether toys that her little hands can hold are my fave, like the One Chew Three Cactus Teether.


You just never know when you'll need them, and I'm going to contradict myself now, but there are some jobs that wipes aren't right for. You need tissues as well.

Misery Guts Botanical Calm Balm

Misery Guts Botanical Calm Balm 50g

This stuff is seriously magical. Made in NZ from natural ingredients, it smells totally amazing and is for 'butts and stuff'. The perfect little size for popping in your nappy bag, I find the calm balm is good for dry skin, mosquito bites, lips, and any other ouchie.

Keys and Phone

As if you would leave home without them!


Comes in handy for, you know, writing things, but also provides entertainment for our four year old, because she just loves writing.

Entertainment for our Big Girl


Our big girl is in daycare four days a week, but on the days she's with us we love the Melissa & Doug Colorblast colouring books, or the Water Wow reusable books


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