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February 11, 2021 3 min read

Our Beach Themed Nursery

We moved into our house near the beach a few months ago, but it took me a while to put together Sonny's nursery. He was happily sleeping in a bassinet in our room (I would move the bassinet into the wardrobe during the day, because we didn't have curtains!). But you know how it is, one day they start pulling themselves up, and you quickly freak out about them sleeping in a bassinet, and move them into a cot ASAP.




I fell in love with this wallpaper as soon as I saw it. The style is Bombora, and it's from A New Wall. I purchased it online a couple of weeks before the first lockdown in 2020. The other three walls are Resene Double Alabaster. 



The cot is the Babyhood Lulu Cotfrom Global Baby. I love the simple look of the cot, and it goes perfectly with our beachy theme. When he is older we'll be able to remove the dropside to create a toddler bed.

The Lulu Cot is also available in White.

Change Table

We decided not to get a change table, partly because I've repurposed our old one as an art and craft supplies shelf in the garage. We have the Babyhood Ultimate Change Pad which we tuck under the cot when it's not being used. I keep the nappies and wipes in the bottom of the wardrobe and I find that system is OK. I don't really miss having a change table.

kids table and chairs

Kid's Table and Chairs

This is the Oohbubs Kid's Table and Chairs,which we've flipped over to be used as a desk. It's a super handy piece of furniture, and it matches pretty nicely with the cot!


beach themed nursery art


I've been re-using picture frames from our last house, and I now have a stack in the garage which I pull from when I need to frame a picture. Our seven year old daughter created the Maui Dolphin artwork at school last year, perfect for this beach-themed room. The Cetacea picture is one that we used to sell at Global Baby, but don't anymore (You can find something similar here). I took the frame to a framer and he cut a new mat so that the image could fit the slightly oddly shaped frame.

Family Photos

By coincidence, we had a family mini shoot at the beach, with The Content Catchers, and the photos look perfect here! I collected the bunny tails from the beach and attached them to the wall with some thread, a bead, and a ball of blu-tac. 


I ordered double blinds from Budget Blinds, and we installed them ourselves. The colour of the sun shade blind is Ice White, and the blockout blind, which has a little more texture and colour, is called Matka Thermal Blockout/ Alabaster.

Still on my list

I still want to make a mobile, my seven-year-old and I were planning on doing it over the school holidays, but we only got as far as collecting a piece of driftwood and a couple of shells. I love how this one pictured, from Kids of the Wild is attached to the wall, not hanging over the cot. Maybe it will be a fun activity next school holidays. 

I enjoy making changes to all the rooms in the house, I'm always moving things from one room to another, and tinkering with this and that! Eventually I'd like to put a couple of floating shelves up in this room, but I'm super happy with it as it is, and every time I walk past Sonny's bedroom door I get a little ping of joy.

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