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June 17, 2021 3 min read

Mutsy Nio Demonstration

If you're looking for a cool, stylish, easy to push stroller that'll grow with your family, you've found it with the Mutsy Nio.

About Mutsy

We love the Mutsy brand, and have been stocking it at Global Baby for over eight years! Their strollers are really cool, their accessories always fit perfectly, and their quality is top-notch.

mutsy nio seat

Reversible Seat

We have a reversible seat. I always advocate for reversible seats. Your baby's favourite thing to look at in the whole world is your face! Walking with your baby in the pram facing you is a lovely way to build your connection. I think it's nice to be able to look at your baby's face while you're walking with them too. Some babies go through a separation anxiety stage, so it can be really helpful to have them facing you.

On a practical level, when baby is facing you and you're walking somewhere loud you will see if they're crying, or if they've dropped a toy.

Seat Features

There are three level slots on the harness. Suitable from infant to pre-schooler. The harnesses is easy to use. A few years ago there was a Mutsy model which had a harness that was difficult to click, but they have fixed that problem now and this one is really user-friendly.

There's a little infant foot rest integrated into the seat. Leaytherette accents on the seat match the handlebar and make the Mutsy Nio look super-stylish. There's a  peekaboo window in here in the hood, which you would only use when the baby's facing the other way. There's a generous extendable canopy, to help protect baby from the wind and the sun, plus the Mutsy Nio seat has an amazing recline, Mutsy's flattest ever seat.

The seat is generous in size, especially across the shoulder area, where it is 27.5cm wide.


The handlebar can be extended telescopically, making the Nio ideal for different parents to push. Mutsy is a Dutch brand, and if you've been to Holland you know that the people who live there are quite tall! We find that the Nio handlebar is suitable for tall, and petite people.

mutsy nio bumper bar

Moveable Bumper Bar

The bumper bar has a button which makes it quite easy to swivel to the side. Toddlers may enjoy climbing into the stroller themselves, if you swivel the bumper bar and engage the break. 


The Mutsy Nio has a good basket, it's quite enclosed, with high sides. So you can pop all your things in there and they won't slide out while you're walking.

The Fold

The Mutsy Nio has a folding system which is quite typical for their brand. It is a two hinge system and means that the stroller is quite compact when it's folded. There's a little bonus too, because when the stroller is folded you can pull the handle out and wheel the stroller along like a trolley!

The Wheels

The Mutsy Nio has quite large wheels (front 22cm, back 28cm) and lovely suspension in the front wheels. Because of the large wheel size this is a stroller that will handle reasonably bumpy ground. As with all Mutsy Strollers, the front and back wheels are close together, what that means is when you go into little places like cafes or shops, it's quite easy to spin around in those little spaces. The wheels are foam-filled, which means they're lightweight and you'll never get a puncture.



Carry Cot

For a newborn baby you might like to add a carry cot, which is available to purchase separately. The carrycot looks so sweet on this pram! And laying flat is a really good position for new babies.

mutsy nio maxi cosi


Turn your stroller into a travel system with the addition of adapters. They're simple to snap in, and then you can click in your capsule. They'll fit a Maxi-Cosi Capsule, and several other brands (find the list here).

This is a really great option for new babies, especially in the first 12 weeks or so, when they fall asleep all the time. If bubs falls asleep in the car you don't need to disturb them, you can simply lift the capsule from the car to the stroller. It's ideal if you're just popping into the supermarket or somewhere quickly. If you were going to be out all day, for example going for a walk and then out for lunch, then we would recommend using the carry cot because baby will be lying flat, which is a better position for baby to be in for a long periods of time. But for short trips, the adapters are a great option.

Watch the Video Here

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