The top 7 new baby products you need to know about

May 31, 2017

The top 7 new baby products you need to know about-Global Baby

With a baby on the way myself, I'm even more interested than usual in the new products on the market. The baby market changes so quickly, and there are always cool new things, often designed and produced by mums and dads. I love that there is so much innovation in the baby market! Here the seven new products that I think you should know about, I'm definitely coveting a few of the :-) 


1. Snuzpod 3 in 1 Bedside Crib


For parents who like to keep their baby close, the Snuzpod is ideal. It comprises of a stand, and a removable bassinet. The bassinet has one zip-down side, and the stand safely attaches to your bed (there are attachments for a base or slat bed) so your baby can sleep right next to you. 

The Snuzpod is designed in Europe, and is now available in two colours, beech, and white. I love the simple design, and of course I love that you can have your baby right next to you- so much easier for night feeds! You can of course remove the bassinet from the stand, which is pretty handy for day sleeps in the lounge, or when you visit friends.


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2. Maxi-Cosi AxissFix Plus


This a cool seat for parents who want to skip the capsule, as babies can go straight from birth (providing they're 45cm long) into the Maxi Cosi Axissfix Plus. This carseat will fit your child right up to 105cm (around 4 years old). The Axissfix is made to Europe's new high standard for car seats, i- Size. It's ideal for those of us with cars that have footwell storage compartments, as you can't use car seats with support legs in these cars (see image below).


The AxissFix Plus is a handy 360 swivel function, which allows you to put your child in the seat facing you, buckle them in, then swivel the seat to either rear or forwards facing- easy!! This car seat is exclusive to Maxi-Cosi Premium Stockists (like Global Baby!)


3. Write to Me Baby Journal

I love that this baby journal is so simple, from the clean, letter pressed grey linen cover, to the ample pages with plenty of space to add your personal touch. I see so many baby journals with pictures of other people's baby's on the cover- there's none of that with the Write to Me Baby Journal, it's beautiful.


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4. Mutsy Igo Farmer Mist

We've been selling the Mutsy Igo at Global Baby for a couple of years, and the Farmer Mist is a new colour for 2017- you guys are loving it! We sold out of our first order in a couple of weeks, we're onto our second order now and they're selling quickly too! There's a lot to love about the Farmer Mist- the dark brown leatherette handles, the textured grey fabric, and of course the popular Igo design and functionality.


(or $1,449 without the carry cot)

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5. Oohbubs Legs Out Swaddle

OK I have to put this one in there because I designed it! My last baby was born in October and I found it really hard to swaddle her with the summer heat. I designed the Legs Out Swaddle to free the legs (there's no startle reflex in the legs so no need to swaddle them) I also prefer swaddles with the arms up, because I noticed that's how most babies are in their ultrasounds, and it's how most adults sleep too, it seems more natural to me. My next baby is due in October too, so I'm looking forward to using the Legs Out Swaddle.


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6. Sash and Belle Perry Nappy Bag

Having a baby doesn't mean you have to give up your sense of style right? The Sash and Belle nappy bags are cool, because they're similar to the bags that you would use if you didn't have a baby in tow. With lots of pockets and space for your bits and pieces, there are even thermal pockets to keep a bottle warm.

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7. Mutsy Igo Footmuff

No more blankets falling off the pram and getting tangled in the wheels! The Mutsy footmuffs attach to your Mutsy stroller seat, with holes for the shoulder and crotch straps so your baby is still safe and secure, but extra cosy as well! 

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