Our Nursery

October 10, 2017

Our Nursery

We're super excited to be expecting our new baby girl to arrive within the next few days. The nursery is ready, and I'm typing this while sitting in a cafe, with the baby car seat and our hospital bag safely stowed in the car outside. 

Working in the baby business, it's no surprise that I wanted to try all the new products that weren't around four years ago when our first daughter was born. Lucky for me, because I'm very lazy, our house is newish so we didn't need to paint, carpet, or install blinds. And extra lucky for me, the wonderfully stylish and creative Anna, who also works at Global Baby, helped me to do baby's nursery. Take a look at what we picked below.

Most of the products are from Global Baby, with the odd thing that I've picked up on my travels, or from NZ businesses, thrown in. Full disclosure here, my husband works for Bed Bath and Beyond so we did purchase a few things from there (we still had to pay for them!).

Brass Deer Hooks from Kim Soo in Bali, I've seen similar ones at Farmers though.

Mini Rodini Tasel Onesie- my parents bought our daughter Priya a dress in this print from a shop that I absolutely love- Big en Belg in Amsterdam. A few days after they gave it to Priya we found out that we were expecting another girl so I bought the matching onesie for her. And yes, I haven't let Priya wear her dress for fear of her staining it before the new baby arrives!! I know I'm slightly crazy!!

Babyhood Riya cot $699 from Global Baby I love the two tone finish of this cot, it made it really easy to match the cot to other furniture in the room, like the white change table, which we had from our last baby, and the natural beech coloured legs of the chair. 

Babyhood Breathe Eze Organic Innersprung Mattress $229 from Global Baby

Misery Guts Star Garland from $32.90 from Global Baby  I was lucky enough to get my hads on one of these beautiful garlands before they're available in store. We are expecting them in stock early December. It's definitely worth noting, that these garlands shouldn't be hung above cots the way that I have done. When my baby starts sleeping in the cot I'll probably move the garland to hang beneath the shelf on the other side of the room.

Mustard cushion- H&M

Pink Jellycat Bashful Tulip Bunny- Large $69.90 from Global Baby

Ecosprout Organic Cotton Cellular Blanket $39.90 from Global Baby


We still haven't settled on a baby name, but I commissioned the plaque from The Fox & Swan anyway. It's become a bit of a running joke in our household, with our daughter saying that we have to call the baby Ruby because there is a sign in her room, and my husband saying he's going to throw the sign in the rubbish bin. We'll see.

Velvet Chair, Bed Bath and Beyond

Tassel Cushion, Ezibuy

Floating Shelf, Decor Handled 


I searched high and low for a chair for the nursery. I remembered from my last baby that I found it more comfortable breastfeeding in a chair that allowed my knees to be at right angles, and by back to be quite straight. I also wanted something with arms, so that I could get in and out easily, while holding the baby. I was beginning to feel a bit like Goldilocks after trying what felt like every chair in town, so I was thrilled to find this one at Bed Bath and Beyond. 

The beautiful 'together is my favourite place to be' print was a gift from the beautiful Chanelle of Stellar Print Co, and the other two prints are from Bed Bath and Beyond.


I'm not sure if it's worth including the photo above, the change table is part of the Bertini range, which we sell at Global Baby, and unfortunately the change table has just been deleted from the range! The pom pom baskets are from Bed Bath and Beyond and I understand that they've sold out now too!


Of course I'm very much looking forward to using the Legs Out Swaddle on my summer baby!!

I've been wanting to try the Snuzpod ever since I first laid eyes on one. The bedside crib has zips down one side, so that you can have baby right up close to you, and the bassinet also easily detaches from the stand, so you can move it around the house for day sleeps. Unfortunately our bed is a bit too high for the Snuzpod, as you can see from the picture, so although I have it next to the bed, I haven't attached it to the bed. I won't sleep with the side down (Snuzpod recommend that you don't do that anyway) As you can see, our bedroom isn't the biggest, so I've removed the bedside table. I'm finding the shelf underneath the Snuzpod quite handy for storing things that would usually be on the table, like my kindle, lip balm, and tissues. 

Now that I've finished this blog post I feel like I can chill out and go into labour. Thank-you for reading!!

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