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November 21, 2019 4 min read

How to use the Oohbubs Baby Wrap

When I was a first time mum I'd look at the other mums with their babies in one of those cool stretchy wraps, and I'd think those mums were so clever and really had their sh*t together. A few years later I learned how to wrap and found out it wasn't that hard!!!

Watch our video above to learn how use a stretchy wrap like a pro! Watch the step by step instructions in the video, or use the instructions below.

oohbubs baby wrap instructions

oohbubs baby wrap instructions 1

Here's the transcript

Hi guys. A few people asked to see our Oohbubs Baby Wrap and how it works, so here we are. First of all, it comes in a little bag so you can just keep that in your nappy bag. Don't leave home without it. Totally handy. You'll end up using this all the time for a young infant, birth to 9kg, but we reckon you'll most likely use it kind of around birth to six months. Available in three colors. So we've got the stripe, we've got black and we've got a really nice simple grey marl.

It comes with a handy instruction booklet, which also has in there, some guidelines for safe babywearing. There are also instructions on how to use the baby wrap.

1. Okay, so take the baby wrap out of the bag and then you want to find the little Oohbubs logo, which goes in the centre front. So here it is. That logo is going to sit right at the centre of your chest. We call this part going across the belt.

2. Bring the ends around your back, and over the shoulder. Then the other, the same on the other side. Be careful not to twist it at the back.

3. Thread the ends that you've taken over around the back, you want to thread them under the belt and just kind of tighten them a bit but not too, too much. Still got to fit the baby in. We've created a cross here, bring it around the back, back to the front.

4. Depending on your size, you can tie it at the front or the back or a little bit to the side, then the baby's kind of not sitting on the knot and just do a double knot.

5. Okay, so we've got our belt, a crossover. Pull the belt down and we're going to start with the cross that's closest to our body. Just pull that out and slide your baby in, and then just pull that fabric across from baby's kind of knee to knee, so you're creating like a nice little seat for them. And they're not going to have their, 

6. With your real life baby, they're going to be at least three kilos. So they're going to sit a little bit lower. Do the same on the other side. So you're just creating a nice seat. They're not with their legs dangling or anything. Then we will find the belt again, where am I? Not the piece with the not on it, but the plain one with the logo, and lift that back up over and pull it back up. Like I said, not ideal using a doll who weighs virtually nothing, because she's kind of a bit high for me, but she's in. You can smooth out the shoulders so that that is more comfy. And of course it's nice and simple design, so it's going to go with all your outfits. Really nice thin fabric, which is good for our New Zealand summer.

7.And just a cross the over the back. Easier than you think, right? When I was a first time mom, I never would have been brave enough to attempt something like this. And when I saw moms wearing wraps like this, I just thought they were like really hardcore, amazing parents. With my second child, yeah, I learned to do it and I was like, "Whoa, what was I scared of?" It's not that bad. A tip is, practice at home in front of the mirror. Do it a few times. When you go out, you can do it at home first, put the baby in the car seat and then go out to where you're going, and then you can just take baby out of the car seat and just put them straight in.

8. Another tip is just check your reflection in the car mirror, no, car window. Check that the baby's spine is straight, that their legs are out nicely. Then you want baby to have some space around their face. You want them to be close enough to kiss, but probably not this close. We've got the safe baby wearing guidelines in the back of the booklet too. It's really important that you follow those. The wraps are $79.90, cotton elastane, 10% off this weekend, so that makes them about $71 and we can send them straight out to you because as you can see, they're in stock.

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