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October 08, 2019 3 min read

Bali with a Toddler- Products we're Loving

I'm writing this blog post from Bali, where we're enjoying a relaxing family holiday with my husband and our two daughters, aged 5, and 1.

Whenever we travel as a family I love testing out the new products that we're stocking at Global Baby, and here are a few that are making this trip a little bit easier. 

I was really excited to try the new Babyhood Air Compact Stroller, because it's new to our store and I like to test everything out! I think a lightweight stroller is a travel essential, because I usually have my hands full of bags and random bits and pieces, and can’t always cope with carrying a toddler as well. The stroller isn’t just a comfy ride for Remi, it’s a handy place for me to stash those bags.

I've found this stroller super easy to fold and unfold, and I like how light and easy to push it is. Because the stroller folds up so small, and weighs less than 7kg, you can take it on board the airplane and stow it in the overhead locker, that’s convenience right?

We've found that the recline is really deep, which makes this stroller ideal for naps when we're out and about, because Remi is almost laying flat. She even managed to sleep in the stroller for 2.5 hours at the Waterbom Water Park, right next to my sun lounger! 


This Meleze dress is a real stunner, and as you can see, Remi is pretty happy when she gets to wear it! Hand smocked and embroidered in Madagascar, Meleze dresses are made with love. They’re made from 100% cotton, which is good in this tropical heat, and I think these baby dresses are just so special!

Meleze is a new brand for us at Global Baby, and I just think they’re the most beautiful smocked baby dresses around.  (view the full range here).

Keeping the kids hydrated is so crucial over here, so I never leave the room without a couple of these Camelbak drink bottles in my bag. I find that they're a good size for children to hold, and even toddlers seem to like the straw.


I didn't want to bring my regular leather handbag on holiday because it's quite heavy, and I know when we're away I carry even more stuff around than usual! This Prene Classic Tote Bag has been perfect because it's lightweight, fits everything I need, and it comes with a handy little purse which is perfect for my hotel key, lip balm, and other little bits and pieces.


I’ve found that the size of the Classic Tote is just right for drink bottles, nappies, changes of clothes, sunscreen, colouring in books, and a whole lot of other stuff. It’s like a nappy bag that isn’t a nappy bag. Plus I love the look. 


The Micro Lazy Luggage (on the right in the photo) was one of our best travel purchases, but last time we went overseas the girls fought over it so much that we decided to get another one.

Micro have replaced the Lazy Luggage with the Luggage Eazy(on the left) it has a larger front opening, so it's easier to get your laptop in and out. Just like the Micro Scooters, the design and handling on the Luggage Eazy is excellent.



These Water Wow colouring in booksare the best thing for mess-free toddler entertainment. Simply fill the special pen with water, then let your little one colour in the pages! The white page will turn to colour when it gets wet, then dry back to white again. Use it over and over again! We find that these books are great for on the plane, in restaurants, and even by the pool. Our only problem was that we only took one book and of course both the girls wanted to use it all the time!

I hope you found this blog post helpful, good luck for your next trip.



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