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February 21, 2019 4 min read

Gender Neutral Baby Gifts

Our friend Renee from @whatreneewrites was so dismayed by the selection of gender neutral baby gifts on the internet that she trawled through our website and found the best ones, then wrote this blog post for us. It's pretty amazing to have friends like Renee, right?


Gender Neutral Gift Ideas

It’s really thoughtful to buy a gift for an expectant mum, but when they are having a gender surprise (or keeping it a secret), it can take a bit of extra thinking to know what to get as so many brands swing one way or the other. We had a gender surprise, and here are some items that I bought myself as well as some extras that I would highly recommend.


OohBubs Legs Out Swaddle

I’ll confess I went waaaaay overboard and bought nearly every swaddle on the market, only to end up with a baby that doesn’t like to be swaddled… The OohBubs Legs Out Swaddle is a winner though because baby can sleep with their hands wherever they prefer – perfect for a baby that does or doesn’t like to be swaddled.

These are also perfect for any season. My daughter is using hers for day sleeps in summer, with just a nappy underneath, but these can be worn in the cooler months over a full length onesie too. . Available in gender neutral grey and white and gender neutral navy and white.


Ergobaby Aura Baby Wrap

Every expectant mum will hear the word “essential” one thousand and one times in the lead up to the birth of her new bub, but believe me when I say, a baby wrap is essential, and by essential I mean sanity saving essential.

Every mother I know was confessed to me that their baby just wanted to be worn in the fourth trimester, and mine has been no different. Your friend or family member will be forever grateful and get months of daily use out of a baby wrap, available in gender neutral grey and gender neutral navy.

Wilson and Frenchy

Once you feast your eyes on the delightful Wilson and Frenchy prints, you will never be satisfied with one piece. There are so many gender neutral options in each Wilson and Frenchy seasonal range, it’s hard to know where to start.

Mums can never have enough onesies, and you’ll get extra points for getting her one with a zip – trust me. There’s also no such thing as too many muslin wraps, and the bassinet sets are pretty darn adorbs too!

Done by Deer Cozy Nest

Full disclosure: my mum made me a baby nest when I first found out I was pregnant, and in the year since, these sleep nests have become readily available, which is great news if you don’t know someone who is as skilled with a Bernina as my mum!

We have the cosy nest in the basket right beside the bed, and also put it in our Edwards & Co bassinet when we go out for a walk or have a sleepover. In my humble first time mum opinion a baby sleep nest is worth its weight in gold!


Oohbubs Cotton Blankets and Cotton Washcloths

I’ll confess, I bought about five cotton blankets and five cotton washcloths and thought I’d gone completely overboard, but I really can’t emphasise how handy they are. I use the cotton blankets to cover the capsule or the bassinet when we’re out in the pram, and I also use them as towels.

The cotton washcloths are useful as just that – washcloths, but also super handy for wiping up spills, or using as a burpcloth, or as a heavy duty wiping option for a poonami. I bought up large on the white ones, but midnight blue is a new option – and a great one at that!


Baby Bounce Bouncinette

You can’t go past this kiwi classic. I was lucky enough to get one of these, and it’s saved my sanity on more than one occasion. These bouncinettes are lightweight and portable making them easy to move from one room to another.

These baby bouncers are made in New Zealand with a pure cotton crochet net and a cotton harness, they are stable and simple and available online and in store, in two gender neutral colours: natural and black.


Global Baby Gift Box

If all else fails, the Global Baby gift boxes are an excellent choice!


Gender neutral gifts are a good idea for a first baby, even when you do know the gender, because items can be easily handed down to the next baby, or to friends and family who are expecting. Shop online at Global Baby any time, or pop in and see us at 161 Manukau Road in Epsom.

If you’ve seen something you like as a baby gift for an expectant mum, but you’ve got a question or two, please don’t hesitate to get in touch.


This blog post was written for us by our friend Renee, who was expecting a surprise gender baby. We don't know how she found the time to write this blog post for us, but we're ever so grateful. You can find more of Renee's work at Running in Heels. 

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