8 Cool Products for Toddlers- tried and tested

June 05, 2019

8 Cool Products for Toddlers- tried and tested-Global Baby

Ahh, toddlers, they're a lot of fun right? Learning about the world, ever curious, becoming more independent, and gaining new skills every day. Our daughter Remi is now 19 months old and I'm trying to learn from her, to live life more in the moment the way she does. 

One of the cool things about owning a baby store is we get to test the products out ourselves. It means that we keep the range smaller, including only stuff we really believe in. Here are some of the products that Remi and I are loving right now.

1. Re-Play Divided Plate- $8.90

I love the size of these plates because they're not too big and intimidating for toddlers. The three sections help me to figure out what to feed my children- vegetables in two of them, then meat or pasta in the other. Our five-year-old is going through a fussy-eating stage, so the divided plate keeps her happy as the different foods don't touch.

2. Micro Luggage Eazy- $299.90

Seriously, this luggage is the coolest thing for travelling with toddlers. It's a little suitcase that they can sit on and ride through the airport, and it provides a little bit of entertainment when you're waiting at the gate too. I definitely wouldn't want to go on holiday without the Luggage Eazy!

3. CamelBak Drink Bottle- $29.90

This bottle is a good size for my toddler to hold, and she loves having a drink bottle just like her big sister!

Maxi Cosi AxissFix Air 

4. Maxi-Cosi AxissFix Air- $1,199

There are a few things I love about this car seat. Firstly it's really easy to install using Isofix and the top tether. Secondly, it has a handy 360 swivel feature, so you can swivel the seat to face you when you're putting your child in and buckling them up. Third, it can swivel to face forwards or backwards. Last and perhaps most importantly, the AxissFix Air features cutting edge technology to include airbags in the harness, if you're in an accident the airbags will deploy within fractions of a second, amazing right? 

5. Finger Puppet Five Little Monkeys Book- $12.90

This is such a fun book to read, and Remi loves it! There's a little finger puppet attached to the back of the book and a hole in each page for the finger puppet to go through. Babies and toddlers love that wriggly little monkey!

We have other finger puppet books available too. 

6. Haakaa Freezer Tray- $24.90

This freezer tray is a lifesaver when it comes to creating toddler meals in a flash. I freeze pasta sauce in the tray, usually made with tomato, onion, garlic and carrot. For a quick meal, I'll boil some pasta and stir through a (defrosted and heated) cube of pasta sauce. Happy children every time!

7. Djeco Multicoloured Tent- $129.90

Toddlers love climbing into things, and they love putting little things inside bigger things, so this tent is perfect. The little windows and doors allow for lots of fun peek-a-boo games. We have this tent set up in Remi's room with some cushions and books inside, and both girls love to play in there. 

8. Kuwi's Fibre Bamboo Dinnerware- $39.90

This plate is a fave for shared afternoon snacks. It's larger than the Re-Play plate, and it has lovely illustrations by NZ artist Kat Merewether. This plate is also a cool gift to send overseas to kiwi babies living abroad. 


Hope you've found that helpful, what does your toddler love to play with? 

xx Anita and Remi



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