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February 05, 2020 5 min read

About to pop: Products I'm using with my new baby

I'm counting down the weeks until due date, less than four of them now! My first two babies were late, and I was induced both times, so I'm not thinking this baby will come early, but then, who knows??

Because this is our third child, we haven't been very organised, and because we both work in retail we have been quite busy with Christmas and New Year and all of that, but I'm starting to get that nesting urge, today I asked my husband to go to our storage locker and find our Maxi-Cosi Capsule, I was starting to worry that they wouldn't let us out of the hospital because we didn't have a car seat for baby!

Last year I went through that Marie Kondo stage, after watching the Netflix show, and unfortunately I got rid of a lot of baby gear!! LOL! I just didn't think that we'd have another baby. But I did keep a few special things, and of course I'm in the fortunate position of owning a baby store. Heres a list of what I've got for my new bubba, things I'll be reusing, and things that are new.


 babyhood co sleep cradle

1. Babyhood Co-Sleep Cradle

I love this Babyhood Co-Sleep cradle because it's simple and clean looking, it's quite large so baby will fit in it for a while, and it has a roll downside, so I can easily access baby for night time feeds. I also love that the colour will go nicely with our predominantly grey, white, and black bedroom decor. 

We're not doing a nursery for this baby, because we're moving house in July and we don't have a spare room in our current house. For the first six months or so baby will be in our room. The Babyhood Co-Sleep Cradle is the perfect solution. 

 pretty brave roundabout

2. Pretty Brave Roundabout Change Mat/ Clutch

I bought this one when Remi was a baby and it is seriously one of my best baby purchases. It's a little clutch that holds your nappies and wipes and is also a lovely wipeable circular change mat. Because it's quite small it fits inside your handbag, or nappy bag, or in the basket of your pram. Now that Remi is two and doesn't need such frequent nappy changes, I just keep it in the car. I'll definitely be using this for baby number three.

3. Hevea Natural Rubber Coloured Pacifier- Twilight Blue

I'm just loving the colour of this dummy, and I love that it's made from all-natural rubber, there's no plastic at all. Believe me when I say that coloured dummies are a trend right now!!

prene bags classic tote

4. Prene Bags The Classic Tote- Light Grey

This bag is lightweight, easy-clean, and looks good too. I'm not one for carrying a lot of stuff in my nappy bag, I figure I'm never too far from home or the car so I can always go back! The Classic Tote is big enough to fit the Pretty Brave Change Mat, a change of clothes for baby, my keys, phone, wallet, and maybe a teether toy or two.

maxi cosi cabriofix

5. Maxi-Cosi Cabriofix Capsule

This capsule is one of my favourites, it's made by a well-respected European brand, it's light and easy to carry, it fits into almost any pram (with adapters), and of course, it's safe. Although I had initially hoped to get a new bigger car, we've now decided to put three seats across the back of my Dodge Journey.

6. Kaylula Bella Cot

I fell in love with this cot from the moment I saw it in the supplier's showroom. We've just assembled a floor model at Global Baby, and I can tell you it's a realy beauty! The Bella has two mattress levels, a drop side, and it converts to a toddler bed. It's super-sturdy, and I just adore the look. This cot will have to wait until we do the nursery in July though.

7. Artemis Mother and Baby Massage Oil

I've been using this massage oil on my bump for the last week or so, I love the smell!! It's super moisturising too, and made from natural ingredients including macadamia oil and St John's Wort.

8. Oohbubs Washable Breast Pads

I used these breast pads with my last baby, and I was surprised by how much I liked them. I always found disposable breast pads itchy and irritating, they wouldn't stay in place, and would bunch up and cause visible lumps through my clothes. But disposables were absorbent despite their many flaws, I wasn't sure that the reusables would measure up in terms of effectiveness. 

Honestly, after I tried the washable breast pads I never went back to disposables. The washable ones are soft, absorbent, and for the most part stay in place under my clothes. There's a reason these breast pads have 18 x Five Star Reveiws on our website!

9. Oohbubs Baby Wrap

We used a baby wrap all the time with our second child, it was so lovely to have her close. I don't want to say that she was a clingy baby... but she certainly enjoyed being close to her mum or dad. This wrap packs up into its own little bag, so it's easy to store in your handbag or in the bottom of the pram.

I created a video showing how to use the wrap, seriously it isn't as difficult as you'd think! I wish I'd known how easy and lovely baby wraps are when I had my first baby. Click here to watch.

10. Mutsy Icon Stroller

One of the benefits of owning a baby store is that I get to try some of the new prams! This year the Icon has replaced the Mutsy i2, so I'm looking forward to putting it through it's paces. The Icon comes with a carry cot, and a reversible seat. I totally recommend the Maxi-Cosi adapters, they make it possible to attach your capsule to the stroller frame, super handy!! 

I've been trying hard to exercise throughout my pregnancy, but honestly it has been a struggle!! I just get so tired! So I'm looking forward to walking again once the baby is born. 

lactation station cookies

11. Lactation Station Cookies

I've only just given up breastfeeding my toddler, I wasn't quite planning to go for that long but that's how it worked out. She had her last feed on her second birthday, so even though these Lactation Station Cookies are OK to eat when you're not breastfeeding, I've been avoiding them for the last month. I don't really want any more milk right now! LOL! But when bubba arrives you can be sure the first thing I'll be reaching for is the White Chocolate Lactation Station Cookies, they're my absolute fave!!


12. Oohbubs Legs Out Swaddle

I designed this product myself, after struggling to get my first baby to sleep in summer in her swaddle. It's lightweight, natural fabric, and the baby's legs are free from the swaddle, which is ideal for the hips. With baby number three due in the middle of February, I'm sure I'll be using the Legs Out Swaddle again!


13. Babyhood Organic Nursing Pillow

I'm looking forward to trying out the Babyhood Nursing Pillow, I'm sure it'll be super handy for those long nursing sessions in the first few weeks!! This gorgeous photo by @the.russells

Thanks for reading!!


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