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July 27, 2017 3 min read

8 Baby Gifts Ideas for Under $40

Seems like there are lots of babies being born at the moment!! And we're heading into the busy season, did you know that September and October are two of the most popular months to have a baby in New Zealand?

If you're in that phase where you have loads of pregnant friends, we're guessing you want to give your friend and their new baby a nice gift, but with so many of your friends breeding, you probably don't want to splash too much cash. Don't worry! We've got you covered with our list of 8 baby gifts for under $40 (they won't make you look cheap either).


1. Eco Sprout Hooded Baby Towel (2 pack)


These towels are seriously soft and luxurious, they're probably as nice as the towels you use at home! This is a gift that will be totally handy, your friends will use them for years- even though they say they're baby sized, these towels will be big enough to use right into toddlerhood.

 sophie the giraffe

2. Sophie the Giraffe (photo by our lovely customer Helen)


Every baby needs a Sophie! This cute little giraffe has been made in France since the 1950's. Crafted from natural rubber and food grade dyes, it's safe for chewing. The unique design with long legs and knobbly ears allows baby to get to every sore tooth in their mouth and give their sore gums a satisfying rub.

 global baby moccasins

3. Global Baby Leather Moccasins


They're cute, they're comfy, and they go with all baby's outfits. Our moccasins are available in a range of colours and sizes, and they're totally popular. 


4. Sleepy Kiwi Book + Helles Teeth Sugar Skull

$19.90 + $19.90 = $39.80

For a cool gift with a New Zealand flavour check out the Sleepy Kiwi boardbook - printed in high contrast black and whites, which babies love, it tells a charming bedtime story of Sleepy Kiwi getting ready for bed. 

Helles Teeth is another kiwi brand that we love, their Sugar Skull is an easy-to-hold toy that's designed to chew.


5. Artemis Breastfeeding Tea+ Global Baby Breastpads

$22.90 + $9.90 = $32.80

If you know your friend is breast feeding, this gift is both thoughtful and useful. Artemis Breastfeeding Tea supports optimal milk quality and supply and healthy digestion for mother and baby, with herbs like fennel, aniseed, chamomile, nettle, and raspberry leaf. That's where the Global Baby Breastpads come in handy- they're 100% cotton, washable, and reusable. 


6. Oohbubs Legs Out Swaddle

2 for $39.90

This swaddle will be perfect for babies born in September and October, because those babies will be swaddled over the hot summer months. The Legs Out Swaddle has been specifically designed for summer babies, allowing them to stay cool and comfy, with lightweight, 100% cotton, and the legs are free to allow the hips to sit in a natural position.

7.  Q Baby Teeth Ease Gel + Haakaa Silicone Palm Teether

$20.90 + $17.90 = $38.80

Most babies will go through the ouchey teething stage, so the teething gel will come in handy!! The palm teether is super cute, and handy too :-)

8. BeSafe Baby Mirror + Britax EZ-Cling Window Shades

$25 + $9.90 = $34.90

Super practical gift for the safety conscious gift giver- the mirror allows the driver of the car to keep an eye on baby in the back seat (because babies always travel with their car seats facing backwards), and the window shade will keep baby out of the direct sunlight on those hot days ahead.

 We hope that those ideas have helped you out a little! If you're still stumped, then a Global Baby Gift Card is a great option! We're also obsessed with gift wrap here at Global Baby, so gift wrap is always free and beautiful. See you in store or online soon.




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