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What's the difference between air tyres and EVA?

What's the difference between air tyres and EVA?

I've got to admit, when we bought our first stroller my husband told me that the tyres were EVA, I nodded my head and pretended I knew what that meant. As soon as I started working at Global Baby I set about finding out what EVA foam actually was (that means I pushed that stroller around for over a year without knowing).

What is EVA foam?

Ethylene- vinyl acetate (EVA) is a light weight material which is rubber like in softness and flexibility. The weight percent of the vinyl acetate material varies, and EVA is used for everything from hot glue gun sticks, to boxing helmets, and as an alternative to an inner tube on tyres for strollers, golf buggies, and bikes.

It's kind of hard to imagine, so we cut a tyre up to show you guys what's inside.

What are air tyres?

Air tyres are just like the tyres that you have on your car, or that you see cyclists changing on the side of the road. They're comprised of a rim, inner tube and tyre.

The inner tube will have a size etched into the rubber and you need to make sure that you use the correct size inner tube for your tyre, if its too big it will bunch, then rub and eventually a hole will form, if it's too small it'll also rub and a hole will form!

So, what's the difference between air tyres and EVA foam tyres?

We get asked this question a lot. Air tyres are heavier, but they are also more flexible, so they'll give you a smoother ride on bumpy terrain. You'll need to maintain air tyres, by keeping them inflated, but never too inflated (please don't pump them up at the petrol station, those machines are too strong for your little stroller tyres). You also always run the risk of getting a puncture. My second stroller had air tyres, and sometimes I would find it hard to steer and a bit annoying, then I would realise that the wheels were almost flat, and once I pumped them up they were fine.

EVA foam tyres are lighter, but they won't give you as smoother ride as air will- but if your stroller has suspension it'll still be pretty smooth. EVA is maintenance- free, lightweight and easy.

If EVA is so good, why do you still sell air tyres?

There are a lot of arguments for EVA tyres, but I liken it to music. For most people, digital downloads are perfectly fine, the sound is good, it's easy. But some people still prefer records; the ritual of taking the record out of the cover, carefully dropping the needle, the crackle, and the pain when the record gets a scratch. I guess it comes down to different strokes for different folks!

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