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As parents ourselves, we know how handy it is to have a few prepared meals in the freezer. We got together with a few other mums and put together our ebook 10 Recipes to Make and Freeze Before you have a Baby. It's packed full of healthy and delicious meals, easy to follow recipes, and we've even done the shopping list for you!

Chill out, enjoy time with your new baby and relax with the knowledge that you're covered for dinner, lunch, snacks, and even brunch! The recipes in our ebook include ingredients that are said to be good for lactation, they're designed for for mum, yet delicious for the whole family

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Parents had to say

  • Erin

    My amazing sister and mum made me every one of the 10 recipes from this book (our little boy is 10 days old). The food is delicious and it is such a life saver not having to worry about cooking dinner!! Thank you for sharing the ebook, and a special thanks to my amazing sister and mum for being so thoughtful with this gift of good healthy Kai xxx
  • Anne

    Love this, thanks so much!
  • Michelle

    Finding this Ebook while pregnant with number 2 was a life saver, I cooked and froze meals that I could use when stuck for time with my newborn, 4 months later I still use it ?