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3 Wheel v 4 Wheel Strollers

Should you buy a three wheel or a four wheel pram? And what exactly is the difference between the two? Three wheel strollers exploded in popularity in New Zealand in the early 2,000's and you couldn't walk down the street without bumping into one, but in recent years there has been a swing towards the four wheeled variety. Three wheelers are sporty and good for off road and bumpy terrain, but four wheeled strollers are easier to maneuver.

Three wheeled strollers

Four wheeled strollers

Our advice

Have a look online and choose a few strollers that you like the look of. Go into the shop and try the strollers out, push them around in a circle and see how they move in a tight space. Try folding and unfolding the push chair, and try lifting it into the boot of your car. You're going to be pushing that stroller around for years, so make sure you choose something that you like the look of, and find easy to use.