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May 21, 2020 3 min read

Three Month Old Baby- Products We're Loving

Our baby, Sonny, is now three months old! It's a cliche, but time really does fly, and they really do grow so quickly! Due to the COVID19 situation he has spent almost all of his life at home, so his life has been quite different from his older sisters. He's been so healthy, without so much as a runny nose, which has really shown me how many germs are out there in the world!

One of the cool things about owning a baby store is that we get to test a lot of products on our own family. Sometimes we love those products and go on to promote them to our customers, and other times we haven't liked them and have stopped selling them in our store. Here are some of the products that we've been loving most.

1. Babyhood Tommer Bouncer

Sonny has figured out how to move his legs and make the animals bounce- check out the video above! It's so super cute! We use the bouncer on and off throughout the day, and almost always use it next to the dinner table when we eat our evening meal. One thing I love about the bouncer, compared to the one we had with our last baby, is that it doesn't take up much space. When it isn't being used we just push it against a wall and it takes up about as much room as a side table.

2. Wilson + Frenchy Zipsuits

We love these zipsuits, they're super soft organic cotton, and they're easy to put on and take off. They're ideal for overnight, and sometimes he wears them in the day as well. Now that the weather is getting cooler Sonny will sometimes wear a merino singlet underneath. I'd say that they're true to size, as Sonny is 3 months old and just squeezing into the 0-3 size. 

* Dragon print is currently sold out, but more stock due soon!

3. Oohbubs Washable Breast Pads

They're easy to use, and surely better for the planet than disposables. I also find that they're soft on my skin, and aren't too big and bunchy inside my bra. I haven't used disposables at all this time.


4. Mutsy Icon Stroller

One thing about the lockdown, it gave us plenty of opportunities to get out walking with the pram! I found that the Icon has really good suspension and is lovely to push along roads, grass, over kerbs, and on grass. The carry cot feature is good too, providing a nice flat surface for baby to sleep on. If he falls asleep in the pram while we're out walking then I can just park the stroller inside the house and leave him in there when I get home. 

5. Heirloom Baby Merino Blanket

This blanket is just so luxurious! I love to use it over Sonny when we're out in the pram.

6. From NZ With Love Muslin

It's funny how you get your favourite muslin, the one that you reach for as soon as it is washed and dry! Some are just better than others!! This muslin is the perfect size, the perfect thickness, and has just the right amount of grippiness. The print is very cute too. As you can see, I'm far from the world's greatest swaddler, but this one always seems to stay in place.

7. Lamington Merino Socks

These socks are very cute, they stay on, and they're made in NZ :-)

7. Babyhood Co-Sleep Cradle

We keep this one next to the bed for Sonny's night sleeps, and now that he's a little bit older he's taking most of his day sleeps in there too. It's a generous size, has a fold-down side, and looks nice next to the bed.


9. Wilson + Frenchy Growsuit with Baubles

This one is sold out, but more stock is due soon. It's just the cutest. Also available in pink.


10. Oohbubs Baby Wrap

This wrap has been super handy, especially in the very early days. I just love keeping baby close. The wrap is comfortable, and quite easy to use. I hardly ever leave home without it, always keeping the wrap in the bottom of the pram, for those times when baby gets a bit fussy and seems like he wants to be upright and close.

Thanks so much for reading! Hopefully we'll see you in store or online soon.

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