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January 21, 2016 4 min read

Our Favourite Mummy Bloggers

The team were chatting about bloggers the other day, and how far they've grown in popularity over the last few years. We each have a favourite and enjoy their humour, anecdotes and advice. Here are a few of those favourites that we follow. We've taken their photos from their Facebook pages so they're easier for you to spot if you do want to follow them.

The Unmumsy Mum.

A wife and mum to two "charming but stark raving bonkers boys" her words, award winning Sarah lives in Devon, England and regularly entertains her followers with her truthful take on Motherhood. Her blog is lighthearted and her dry humour reaches every kind of mum, she's the kind of person that you could easily share a bottle of wine with. Did we mention that she is a published author too? The Unmumsy Mum is released in February.
" The real common ground is that we are all mums. All just trying to do our best.
Let's remember that, ey."

unmumsy mum

Happy Mum Happy Child.

Fellow kiwi, Maria Foy lives in Auckland with her family.
She uses her blog to review products, share recipes and you may have seen a petition recently that Maria championed? Over a 1000 people signed in its first 2 days, asking the council to add shades to our playgrounds. Go Maria!!!
Her realistic views on parenting echo what a lot of mums, us included deal with everyday. "She's just another "mediocre" mum trying to do the best that she can", confessing that she found parenting hard at the beginning. We suggest you follow Maria because her honesty is relatable.

happy mum happy child

Mama Said.

Emily is also a mum to two boys, under 3. A Wellingtonian who also writes for the NZ Herald, Emily is a firm believer that "this idea that there are perfect parents out there is bullshit" hallelujah!! We all know this, right? I started following Emily when I read a statement. " You winning doesn't make me a loser. Me losing shouldn't make you feel like a winner." Being an advocate for women, being strong, but stronger together supporting each other is something we firmly believe in.
emily writes

The Leo Style.

Larissa, make up artist, stylist, blogger, mummy to two boys and a newlywed. There's not much Larissa can't turn her hand to. Her extensive product reviews vary from diamonds to lip balms, she's definitely one to follow if you need ideas for gifts for family, friends, expectant mothers or yourself.Her styling and beauty tips leave us wanting to get our frocks on and party!! Admitting that becoming a mother to her son Ryder saved her life, you can't help feel empathy for Larissa and feel proud that a fellow mum has reached success after a less than ideal start in life.


With The Whittakers

Jordan is a super-stylish mama, graphic designer and a pretty good writer too! As our brand rep she has been reviewing a few Global Baby products(check out this review for the Mutsy Igo) . Her blog is packed full of beautiful photos, kids parties, recipes and glimpses of family life, it's a reasonably new blog but we're excited about where it's heading. Jordan's kids bedrooms are to die for!



Our Grand Tour

"Our Grand Tour is at its core a community and a space to share ideas, tips and real stories."

A collection of stories and beautifully put together photos, interviews with mums and the odd beauty and living post too. We like this post about mum hair , and we think that the collection of recipes in the 'Food and Health'section look pretty good too. OGT is run by Lucy, a Tauranga based mum dedicated to telling the truth about what it's like to raise babies, with a nod to the worlds of fashion, beauty, and food.


mum bunImage by theyallhateus.com via ourgrandtour

Just a mum .

"It's the Little Things that Make Life Fun!"

I started following Anna when I saw her recipe for savoury muffins, now I've saved so many recipes I could fill each weekend with baking!
Her passion for all things family is clearly evident in her blog, which she started so her children will always be able to look back at the things they did, the recipes and love that she shares. A wife and mother to 3 Anna happily blogs about the activities she and her children take part in, encouraging others to also get active and have fun. She also documents her creations out of the kitchen, spending time doing her daughters hair is a favourite of hers, so all you mums to little girls may do well to follow her for inspiration.

just a mum

The Best Nest.

"Shits & giggles since ages ago."
Melissa works with some of the best known worldwide brands creating reviews about products that she believes in, from cosmetics to Sodastream she gets to really fulfill her passion of writing. Her blog includes giveaways, recipes, and even a snippet from when she featured on The Good Morning Show, Parenting Panel. Seriously, what can this woman not do? Did I mention that she also completed the Skechers Womens 6k back in November?! after explaining in detail of how she came to achieve this, I, who hasn't ran more than 1k since being a teen might actually give it a go too.

The Best Nest
the best nest

The M Hustle.

"A curated collection of stories, thoughts and businesses run here in Aotearoa, New Zealand by New Zealand mums."Known as the main hustler, Jess Claris is relatively new to the blogging scene.The M Hustle concentrates on fashion, food and advice as well as championing local businesses and businesswomen. With honest reviews, interviews with other small business owners and dates of local markets where you can shop local and be inspired this is definitely a blog that you should follow. We think it's going to treble in popularity in 2016.

the m hustle

What are your favourite mum blogs? Let us know in the comments x

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