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July 30, 2021 3 min read

Mutsy Nio V Edwards & Co Oscar MX

Our customers asked us to create a video showing the differences between the two strollers, so here it is!

Three Wheels V Four Wheels

The first thing to notice is very obvious, is that the Mutsy Nio has four wheels and the Oscar Mx has three wheels. What that's going to mean, if you're walking somewhere bumpy, the Mutsy has four points of contact with the ground and the Edwards & Co has three. So the Edwards & Co might go a bit better if you're walking on really bumpy ground because there's only three points that need to touch the ground. 

The Wheels 

  • Both strollers have foam-filled wheels (no punctures, because no inner tubes).
  • Both have 22cm front wheels, but the Nio has larger back wheels.
  • The front and back wheels of the Nio are closer together, meaning that the turning circle is smaller and it will be easier to manoeuvre in small spaces, like shops and cafes.

The Basket

The Edwards & Co Oscar MX has a larger basket, and it also has two little pockets for your drink bottle and wallet, or whatever.

The Seat

Both strollers have a reversible seat. I always love a reversible seat because it means that you can talk to baby while you're walking, and not all three-wheeled strollers have one, so that is a bonus for the Edwards & Co compared to other three wheelers.

Both strollers have an adjustable infant foot rest, and a toddler foot rest when the seat is forward facing as well.

The Nio seat back is 48cm, and the Oscar MX seat back is 54cm. So the Edwards & Co has a larger seat. The Nio canopy is extendable and is therefore larger, and the Nio has a peekaboo window when the Oscar MX doesn't.

One of the big differences is the seat and the way it reclines. With the Nio, you've got the stepped recline, and then when they're lying down, they're pretty much lying flat there. Whereas with the Oscar Mx, it's a tilt, so when they are lying down, they're still kind of in a seated position.


The handlebar with the Nio, you've got the telescopic adjusting. And then, with the Oscar Mx, it's a tilt. Both of them have the lovely tan accents.

Stroller Weight

The weight of the stroller is 12.4kg for the Mutsy Nio and 10.3kg for the Edwards & Co Oscar Mx. So the Nio is lighter.

The Fold

  • Both of them, can be folded  in one piece if the seat is facing away from you.
  • No parts of the Mutsy frame touch the ground when you fold it.
  • The Mutsy is slightly higher when it's folded.
  • The Edwards & Co is slightly longer when it's folded.


I think the Edwards & Co really comes into its own when it comes to the capsule because you can attach it without adapters.  With the Mutsy Nio, we would recommend using a Maxi-Cosi capsule.You do have a few other brand options (see the list here).

For the Edwards & Co, you will probably use the Edwards & Co Avery capsule, which just clicks in, with no need for adapters. Sometimes our customers have been given or loaned a Maxi-Cosi capsule, in that case they can purchase Maxi-Cosi adapters to use with the Oscar MX.

Weight of the Child

The Nio is rated to 15kg and the Oscar MX is rated to 22kg.

Hopefully the video and blog post has helped you to compare the two strollers. The most important thing is that you choose the stroller that's right for you, your family and your lifestyle.


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