How to Choose a Stroller

October 01, 2015

How to Choose a Stroller

One of the big purchases most soon to be parents make is the stroller. Pushing the right stroller for your needs can be a joy, whereas pushing the wrong one can be, well, the opposite. Here at Global Baby we think it's important to match the right stroller to the parents, these are some of the questions that we like to ask:

Do You Walk Often?
A lot of us have grand ideas about how much we are going to walk once we have a baby, but honestly ask yourself, 'do I walk much now?' If you're pounding the pavement on a regular basis, you might want to look at a sportier stroller, like the Kudu, if you prefer a gentle walk to the café for a latte then take a look at the Brevi Ovo Twin Stroller, the Kudu 4 or the Livi.
CasualPlay Kudu4 in Flamingo

Where will you walk?
Choose the correct wheels and suspension for the terrain you will be walking on, for example if you walk the dog every day at the dog park, or live on a farm, or even in a suburb with cobbles, you might want to consider a stroller with larger front wheels and independent suspension, like the CasualPlay Kudu. The larger wheels will give baby a smoother ride, and make pushing easier for you. At the other end of the spectrum, if you live in town and plan on walking along the footpath and the glossy floors at the mall, you might find the Kudu 4 more suited to your needs.
kudu 3 (1)

How old is Your Baby?
For a new born baby we always recommend a bassinet, lying flat on her back is the best, safest position for baby to be in. Look for a bassinet that can be removed from the stroller and used as a day bed, which will make it easier to transfer baby from the stroller if you get home from walking and she is asleep, and is a nice familiar place for baby to sleep in when you visit friends. A separate bassinet (as opposed to one that shares a frame with the stroller seat) really comes in to its own around the 6 month mark, when baby becomes more alert and is able to sit up, she may be awake and want to be sitting in a seat and looking around one day, but may be due for a sleep the next. A seat with a few recline positions will provide comfort and relaxation for infants (from 6 months) and toddlers alike.

How Big is Your Car? (Or How Strong Are You?)
Firstly check how small the stroller is once it's folded down, if you're worried that it won't fit into your car ask if you can try it out. It may be a matter of taking the seat off and putting it in the boot separately, or it may be that the stroller just doesn't fit, best you find out before you buy! If you'll be looking after baby on your own and using the car, check that you can lift the stroller into the boot by yourself, there are strollers out there that weigh 10kg and can be difficult for some people to lift.

How Much Do You Want To Spend?
Let's not beat around the bush, you probably have a budget in mind, so try to be honest with yourself and stick to it. Check what is included with the stroller, does it come with a rain cover, bumper bar, adaptors, suncover, shopping basket, canopy? When it comes time to compare strollers, it's best if you can compare apples with apples and those little extras can really add up.

What Do You Like The Look Of?We can't just talk form over function, for lots of people looks are going to come into the equation. There are some beautifully designed strollers out there, the CasualPlay Kudu and Mutsy Igo to name but a few.
Here are some questions that our customers often ask us:
I want to go running with my baby, which stroller is best?
Our suppliers recommend that you do not go running with your baby in the stroller, no matter how good the wheels and suspension are, there is too much shaking and it is unsafe for baby.

I want to have a second child, do you have a stroller that converts to a double?
We haven't found a convertible stroller that we want to stock. In our experience, unless the children are very close together in age, the older child is happier to be on a buggy board than in the stroller with the baby. We do sell a selection of twin strollers which we think give both children a comfortable ride.
Brevi Wally Board

What is better, air tyres or EVA tyres?
Firstly an explanation, air filled (or pneumatic) tyres are just like the tyres on your car or bike with an inflatable inner tube. EVA tyres are the more modern alternative and are filled with foam. Both have their advantages and disadvantages.
Air tyres absorb some of the bumps in uneven terrain, giving a cushioning effect, however if the stroller has independent suspension the EVA tyres will perform on uneven terrains almost just as well. Some people prefer air tyres for nostalgic reasons, and we don't blame them! The drawback of air tyres is that you need to maintain them, when they are a too flat the stroller will feel heavier to push, so you'll need to pump them up with a hand pump (never at the petrol station, the pressure is too high), you also run the risk of getting a puncture and needing to take your stroller in for repair.
EVA tyres are lighter and are maintenance free.

What sort of warranty do you offer?
All our products come with a 1 year manufacturer's warranty, but we stand behind the products that we sell for as long as you (the original purchaser) want to use them. We have a technician who comes into the store regularly to perform repairs and services, and we bring parts down from Europe with every order. Of course, if a product that you own is damaged through misuse, we can repair it but there will be a charge.
Please note that our manufacturer's warranties are not international warranties, meaning that we do not repair or maintain strollers or car seats that weren't purchased from us.

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