April 15, 2016 3 min read

Haakaa Silicone Breast Pump

When I first saw the prototype of the Haakaa Silicone Breast Pump I wasn't so sure. How could something so simple, and so cheap (just $27!) do the same job of a big complicated contraption with ten different parts and a price tag over $200? We placed an order and set about getting the pump into the hands, and onto the boobs, of a few lactating mums. The reviews started coming in pretty quickly, people were private messaging us pictures of their breast pumps filled with milk, that's when we knew that we were onto something.
"You can use it in the silence of night you could probably use it whilst riding on the back of a motorbike if you really needed to".


First to review the pump was Jordan of Whittakers, you can read her review here.
With the Whittakers


With the Whittakers
Next up was Rebecca of Rocky and Ruby, you can read her review here.
Rocky and Ruby


Rocky and Ruby


Then Rebecca went all out and made this YouTube video, which is pretty amazing and really shows you how it works.

Customer feedback

"I got my pump from Global Baby and the day it arrived I started using it. I was skeptical but wow, it is AMAZING! So easy to use, I get about 80ml in 10 minutes! I think my favourite thing is how quick it is to clean. I woke up at 5am this morning to feed my wee girl and after I fed her I cleaned the pump, pumped the other side and was quickly back in bed! I don't ever use the $120 pump I used to use, as it's so fiddly to clean and takes longer to put together. I recommend the Haakaa pump to all my pregnant and breast feeding friends!"

"I got my pump about 6 weeks ago and use it for all my baby's feeds as he can't breast feed. I find this pump works just as efficiently as my incredibly expensive double electric pump. In 10-15 minutes I get 70-120mls/ side with the Haakaa pump. It is tiny, silent and super easy to clean! I can take it anywhere with me and express in the car or in the bathroom/ parents room. This has massively increased my flexibility in going out more often!"

"Love the pump <3 <3 Mine arrived yesterday from Global Baby and I used it for the first time this morning. Easy 30mls to start trying the bottle with my wee man. Will be great for when I go back to work as easy to take and seems very efficient".

"It's perfect for when I'm in bed as it's quiet so it doesn't wake my hubby".

Fast Shipping

At the time of writing, we have plenty of breast pumps in stock, but they're selling like crazy! We can ship almost overnight to most places in NZ, and shipping is just $5. At that price it's worth a shot, right?

Haakaa have also just brought out lids for the breast pump, these handy little contraptions kind of suction on to the top of the breast pump, sealing the milk in there if you want to leave the pump in the fridge until the next feed.
Haakaa Silicone Breast Pump
Haakaa Silicone Breast Pump