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October 01, 2015 4 min read

Babymoon Travel Tips

Babymoons are definitely gaining popularity. They're a great way to connect and enjoy more time with your partner before the new baby arrives, or just an excuse to go on holiday! We've put together a few tips to help you enjoy your flight and make the most of your babymoon.

When to go

It's worth bearing in mind that obtaining travel insurance later in your pregnancy can be difficult, and some airlines won't allow pregnant women to travel after Week 35 (earlier for multiples)*. Besides, with all the aches and pains that the third trimester can bring… let's just say that the second trimester is the ideal time to travel.

Where to go

You should pay special attention to where you're going, as this probably isn't the time to finally hike to Machu Picchu, learn to scuba dive, or spend hours bouncing along the cobblestoned streets of Europe on a bus. You also might want to avoid overly hot places, as that can be a serious error. For example, we went to Thailand on babymoon and I spent the whole time saying, "I'm sure it wasn't this hot last time we were here" (apparently it was). That being said, I've heard of other pregnant women who had a great time there! You know your body (even when pregnant) better than anyone, so plan your trip accordingly.

Another consideration is the risk of a medical emergency, so you might feel more comfortable travelling to a country with good healthcare. Furthermore, you might not want to stay anywhere too remote or far away from hospitals or medical centres. You probably won't be able to have any travel jabs while you're pregnant, and some preventative anti-malarials are out too (the really unfair thing is that mosquitos love pregnant women!), so consider all of those variables when you're choosing a destination and your accommodation.

Before you go

Visiting your LMC is essential before you take off on your babymoon. Make sure that you visit your midwife or obstetrician and ask them for a letter explaining to the airline how many weeks pregnant you are and declaring that you are fit to travel. Pack the letter with your passport in case the airline staff at the airport ask to see it.

Insurance: Take out travel insurance. You'll need to advise the insurance company that you're pregnant and they might also ask for a copy of that letter from your LMC. Check that you're covered for early birth and medical care, should you be unlucky enough to go into labour away from home. Depending on when in your pregnancy you choose to travel, this may be more or less necessary, but it's always better to be covered.

Snacks: I don't need to tell you that pregnant women are susceptible to strange cravings and need lots of snacks, do I? Oh, and they should be healthy, but who's telling if they're not? The idea of this babymoon is to enjoy yourselves and relax before the next exciting and challenging stage of your partnership. In other words, treat yourself…within reason!

Water: Make sure you drink plenty of water while you're on the plane. Take an empty bottle and fill it up after you go through airport security, or buy a bottle from one of the duty free shops at the airport. Altitude changes, pressurized cabins, and recycled air have enough of an effect on your body; there's no reason to add thirst to the equation. Which brings me to the next point…

Seat Selection: With all that water you're drinking, you'll probably need to get up and use the loo a bit more than a normal passenger. It'll make things easier if you request an aisle seat, and easier still if you fly business class (lucky you).

Cushion: Have you always wanted to buy one of those neck pillows or cushions that they sell at the airport? Well, now you have the perfect excuse! If you don't purchase one of those, simply ask the flight attendant for an extra cushion to use against your lower back. If you let them know that you're pregnant, they'll be extra nice to you. :-)

Shoes: Hopefully, you're not at the foot-swelling stage of pregnancy yet, but to keep yourself as comfortable as possible, it's a good idea to wear loose shoes, or shoes with adjustable straps or laces. Support socks can also help prevent swelling.

On the plane

Move around: Pregnancy puts you at a higher risk of DVT, so try to move around the plane and do some stretches if you can. Even if you have travelled extensively in the past, your body acts differently when you're pregnant – take our word for it. A few strolls up and down the aisle won't hurt.

Get lots of sleep: Easier said than done, right? However, you'll arrive at your destination feeling better if you do. The movies, magazines, and games may be your typical way to pass the time on a flight, but starting the trip well-rested will make your babymoon much more fun.

When you get there

Relax, chill out, and enjoy your last nappy-free holiday for a while!

Babymoons are a wonderful way to celebrate your partnership, prepare for what lies ahead, and have a whole lot of fun along the way. Keep these travel tips in mind and start planning!

*Check with your airline before you book

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