September 01, 2016 4 min read

Baby Shower Gift Ideas

It seems to be the time of year for baby showers! Lately we've been spending our weekends selling, and gift-wrapping baby shower gifts. We've put together a list of gift ideas for you to make present buying a bit easier. We've tried to include a mix of popular gifts, thoughtful gifts, useful gifts, gender neutral baby gifts, and gifts under $40.

Baby Journal

Our Baby Journal is beautifully classic. With a soft grey linen cover, it has pages to enter all the special information and milestones from pregnancy to pre-school. We love that this baby book is gender-neutral, and it is nice and simple, with no pictures of other people's babies.

Good for
Good baby gift for colleagues
Good baby gift for people who don't like colour

Sleepy Kiwi Sleep Kit

The Sleepy Kiwi book is a fun and eye catching board book for babies. It has been written to be read before bedtime each night, so it's great for helping to establish a routine. The sleep kit includes the original Sleepy Kiwi boardbook, a sleep journal for parents to record thoughts and memories, and a sleepy kiwi cushion.

Good for
Baby gift for New Zealanders who live overseas

Global Baby Gift Box

Our gift boxes come in three sizes: small ($100), medium ($150), and large ($200). They contain lots of baby essentials, made from natural materials like cotton, leather, wood, and natural rubber. They're also exceptional value.

Good for
Good baby gift for colleagues
Good baby gift for people who don't know if they're having a boy or a girl
Good baby gift for special friends

You Simply Can't Spoil a Newborn

This book from popular sleep consultant Dorothy Waide is a thoughtful gift that's sure to come in handy. It's a good book to give parents before the baby is born, so that they have time to read it!

Good for
Good baby shower gift
Baby gifts under $40

Bath Time!

Gifts for bath time will always come in handy. You can never have too many washcloths, for wiping up all that messy stuff that comes along with babies! Soft bath towels are good to have, as is a baby bath! Even bath toys, which won't be used for a newborn, can be put aside for use in a few months' time.


One of the most popular baby gifts is clothes. Some people like to buy them a little bit bigger, so that baby can grow into them - just make sure if you do that you buy them for the right season. Our Kidsagogo rompers are proving to be an ideal baby shower gift.

Good for

Good baby gift for people having a boy
Good baby gift for people having a girl
Goo baby gift for people who like fashion


Another popular gift, baby blankets have many uses: on the bed of course, over the pram, as a play mat on the floor. Parents would use a baby blanket every day.

Good for

Baby gift for people who like black and white
Baby gift for friends
Baby gift for family

Sophie the Giraffe

This toy is an absolute classic. Made in France since the 1950s, from natural rubber and food-grade dyes, it's safe to chew and the shape of the giraffe means that baby can get the toy to each and every sore tooth and gum.

Baby Mirror

Babies travel in the car facing backwards, so it isn't easy for parents to see the baby while they're driving. Attach a mirror to the headrest above the baby's seat and now parents can see baby, and baby can see their parents, and themselves. Our BeSafe baby mirror is nice and simple, and it's a great price-point too - just make sure you remove the protective film before you use it.

Good for
Baby gifts under $30
Practical baby gifts
Baby gifts that are useful

Baby Shoes

A baby gift that has universal appeal is baby shoes. We love the Pretty Brave shoes because the packaging is absolutely beautiful, perfect for gifting.

Soft Toys

One of our favourite toys is the Jellycat Bunny. It's super soft, but at the same time it's kind of weighty, so it's perfect to cuddle. The Jellycat bunny is popular with celebrities, and us normal people too.

Good for
Good baby gift for celebrities
Good baby gift for people who don't know if they're having a boy or a girl
Good baby gift for people who like celebrities

The Roundabout Change Mat

It's a change mat, it's a clutch, it's got a place for you to keep your spare nappies and wipes. The Roundabout from Pretty Brave is the baby item we never knew we needed, but now desperately need.

Good for
Good baby gift for fashionable mums
Good baby gift for people who already have children

New Zealand Gifts

Lots of people come into our shop to buy baby gifts to send to people overseas, so we've curated a selection of NZ gifts that are easy to post.

Good for
Good baby gift for New Zealanders who live overseas
New Zealand baby gift

Baby Gifts Under $20

And because we don't always have loads of cash to splash, here's a list of gifts under $20.

Good for
Baby gifts under $20
Baby gifts for people you don't know very well
We hope that you found our list helpful. We're open 10-4 every day, if you pop into store we can gift wrap your gift for you for free (plenty of free parking outside the store too). For online orders just let us know it's a gift and we'll remove the price and gift wrap it for you.