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May 01, 2023 4 min read

Baby Shower Gift Ideas

Lately we've been spending our weekends selling, and gift-wrapping baby shower gifts. We've put together a list of gift ideas for you to make present buying a bit easier. We've tried to include a mix of popular gifts, thoughtful gifts, useful gifts, gender neutral baby gifts, and gifts under $25.

Baby Journal

Our baby journal selection is beautifully classic. The Write to Me Baby Journal has a soft grey linen cover, it has pages to enter all the special information and milestones from pregnancy to pre-school. We love that this baby book is gender-neutral, and it is nice and simple, with no pictures of other people's babies.

The Fox & Fallow - Baby Journal  ($59.90) is also one of our favourites and has all the same great things, just different designs.

Good for
Good baby gift for colleagues
Good baby gift for people who prefer neutral colours 

You Simply Can't Spoil a Newborn

This book from popular sleep consultant Dorothy Waide is a thoughtful gift that's sure to come in handy. It's a good book to give parents before the baby is born, so that they have time to read it!


Good for
Good baby shower gift
First time parents


Bath Time!

Gifts for bath time will always come in handy. Soft bath towels are so good to have. We have a beautiful range of these including the Petite Bath Animal Hooded Towel and Washcloth Set ($65.90) and Over the Dandelions Hooded Towel ($54.90). Another great idea is a baby hair brush. Check out our super soft Haakaa Goats Wool Baby Hair Brush ($26.90) here. Even bath toys, which won't be used for a newborn, can be put aside for use in a few months' time.


Good for
Good baby shower gift
Baby gifts under $40
Practical baby gifts



One of the most popular baby gifts is clothes. Some people like to buy them a little bit bigger, so that baby can grow into them - just make sure if you do that you buy them for the right season. Our Wilson & Frenchy range and Kip & Co range are proving to be an ideal baby shower gift.  

Good for
Good baby gift for people having a boy
Good baby gift for people having a girl
Good baby gift for people who like fashion

Wilson & Frenchy Organic Waffle Pocket Growsuit - Bluestone

Wilson & Frenchy Organic Waffle Pocket Growsuit - Bluestone - $49.90
Kip & Co You're Beautiful Organic Long Sleeve Zip Romper


Another popular gift, baby blankets have many uses: on the bed of course, over the pram, as a play mat on the floor. Parents would use a baby blanket every day. Check our our range of baby blankets here.
Good for
Baby gift for people who don't like colour
Baby gift for people who don't know baby's sex
Baby gift for friends
Baby gift for family

 Over the Dandelions Billie Blanket - Mushroom

Over the Dandelions Billie Blanket - Mushroom - $79.90


Sophie the Giraffe

This toy is an absolute classic. Made in France since the 1950s, from natural rubber and food-grade dyes, it's safe to chew and the shape of the giraffe means that baby can get the toy to each and every sore tooth and gum. 



Baby Mirror

Babies travel in the car facing backwards, so it isn't easy for parents to see the baby while they're driving. Attach a mirror to the headrest above the baby's seat and now parents can see baby, and baby can see their parents, and themselves. Our BeSafe baby mirror is nice and simple, and it's a great price-point too - just make sure you remove the protective film before you use it.


Good for
Baby gifts under $40
Practical baby gifts
Baby gifts that are useful
Two Nomads Baby View Mirror

Baby Shoes

A baby gift that has universal appeal is baby shoes. We love the Pretty Brave shoes because the packaging is absolutely beautiful, perfect for gifting. Our Kip & Co Booties are super adorable, coming in various colours and patterns, ready to keep baby's feet warm this winter.
Good for
Good baby gift for people who like fashion
Pretty Brave Slip On Moccasins - Grey


Baby Toys

One of our favourite ranges for soft baby toys is the Jellycat range. These toys are super soft, but at the same time kind of weighty, so it's perfect to cuddle.  Teething toys are also great baby shower gifts. They're super useful when babies start teething and both soft and flexible enough to play with in the first few months. 

Good for
Good baby gift for people who don't know if they're having a boy or a girl
Baby gifts under $40


Travel change mats

It's a change mat, it's a clutch, it's got a place for you to keep your spare nappies and wipes. The Roundabout from Pretty Brave is the baby item we never knew we needed, but now desperately need.


Good for
Good baby gift for fashionable mums
Good baby gift for people who already have children
Pretty Brave 'The Roundabout' Change Mat / Clutch - Terrazzo


New Zealand Gifts

Lots of people come into our shop to buy baby gifts to send to people overseas, so we've curated a range of NZ gifts that are easy to post. From Te Reo Māori booksto NZ made baby products like the Lamington Merino Socks, we have a huge selection available.


Good for
Good baby gift for New Zealanders who live overseas
New Zealand baby gift

From NZ with Love Bodysuit & Pants Set - Sheep
Paraweta (Poo Bum Te Reo Maori edition)

Paraweta (Poo Bum Te Reo Maori edition) - $19.90 


Baby Gifts Under $25

And because we don't always have loads of cash to splash, here's a list of gifts under $25.
Good for
Baby gifts under $25
Baby gifts for people you don't know very well


Ten Little Kisses For You Book
Sophie the Giraffe so Pure Teether
Lamington Crew Merino Socks - Ted
We hope that you found our list helpful. We're open 9:30-4:30pm every day, if you pop into store we can gift wrap your gift for you for free (plenty of free parking outside the store too).
For online orders just let us know it's a gift, leave a gift message, and we'll remove the price and gift wrap it for you.

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