April 05, 2016 1 min read

Are you a book worm? We love reading!!!

Most people have a favourite book, and if asked you could recall the story line like you read it only yesterday.

Reading to your baby from an early age is very important, although they wont understand a word that you're saying the intimacy and bond that you are building is vital, they will be learning about language just from listening to you and the different sounds your voice creates will capture their imagination. The routine that you are creating could continue for years.
There is nothing better than snuggling up with a book letting the two of you slow down and enjoy this precious time alone.

Here at Global Baby we have a selection of books suitable for ages 0-5, we've chosen these books because they're bright, full of pictures and exciting learning opportunities.
Because education is fun!

We have just had this book for the dads arrive, its hilarious!

Toby Morris' graphic novel is a charming fly-on-the-wall exploration of his first year of fatherhood celebrating the highs and lows of his new baby Max.

A truly endearing read for fathers to be or fathers of three.