Haakaa Wide Neck Glass Bottle- 180ml


Haakaa wide neck glass bottles are made of borosilicate glass, A material that is resistant to shock temperatures.
The unique shape allows the bottle to be held closer into the body therefore allowing dads to enjoy closeness with baby during feeding normally reserved for breastfeeding Mums.

We love that all the wide neck accessories will fit this bottle, you can attach a sippy cup teat, straw, and even a cap. Buy one bottle and use it for years.

  • Anti-colic nipple allows baby to drink continuously without gasping for air or drinking bubbles.
  • These wide neck glass bottles have an ergonomic design making them easy to hold, fill, and clean.
  • The 180ml size bottle has also been designed for smaller expressed breast milk feeds.
  • Compatible with the all Haakaa wide neck bottle accessories.

Nipple Useage and Stage Guide
Haakaa nipple different sizes & flow rates:
Level 1: S -- Slow flow (Suitable for 0-3month)
Level 2: M -- Medium flow (Suitable for 3+month)
Level 3: L -- Fast flow (Suitable for 6+month)
Level 4: Y -- Variable flow (Suitable for 6+month)

Guide note
As all babies are different their requirements will not all be the same. Therefore these age indicators are a rough guide only.

Use, clean & care
Clean after each use. Dishwasher-safe. It is recommended to hand wash the bottle with warm soapy water and rinse thoroughly. This bottle can be sterilized with any steam sterilizer or by boiling in water. Store in a clean dry place.

About Haakaa
Haakaa's unique, funky and fun designs make their bottles attractive and breathe life into an everyday item, a great addition to you and your child's modern life. Haakaa is a New Zealand designed range of feeding products made from stainless steel, glass, silicone and rubber. We think that products are so clever, with teats, lids and straws all interchangeable, to build one feeding system from infancy to adulthood. The Haakaa range is also strictly BPA, PVC, Phthalate and Lead free and are scratch and chip proof (so no places for nasty germs to hide).

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