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Thank-you for Feeding Freckle

A charming story for adults to read to or with children between two and six years old with each page inviting children to interact with each page.

Thank-you for Feeding Freckle is from a New Zealand author and illustrator, Cheyney McDonnell, it invites similar engagement as an ipad activity (i.e.: finding objects, mazes, peek-a boo flaps and encouragement to touch the book like a tablet) without increasing screen time.

Introduces children to responsibility and care for animals—i.e. unlocking doors, turning lights on and off, cleaning up messes, feeding and playing with the cat. Assists with shape and colour recognition via the minimalistic design.

Helps to develop spatial awareness and fine motor skills through the inclusion of flaps and simple activities.

Freckles the cat is an adorable character that children will immediately bond with as the story progresses. This interactive book is filled with fun flaps and powered by imaginative play. For the littlest cat lovers.

Format 215mmx185mm 32 pages case hardback with flaps.