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Snotty Boss

Snotty Boss Nasal Aspirator Kit

The Snotty Boss is a battery-operated snot sucker that will clear runny noses in seconds. Suitable for babies and young children, you'll be able to remove snot from their nose quickly, and without tears.

Getting boogers out is a total breeze with the Snotty Boss, allowing babies to breathe, feed and sleep better.


  • Safe and effective motorised snot sucker to clear the nose in seconds
  • Scientifically tested suction at the ideal strength of 58 kPa (not too strong, not too weak)
  • Soft silicone nozzles are the correct shape and size for safe and effective snot removal
  • The super quiet motor will not scare your little one
  • Safety tested to RoHS standards, certified by European Notified Medical Directive (93/42/EEC) and registered with Australian Therapeutic Goods Administration and Dept of Health, Canberra (ARTG 320144)
  • Endorsed by doctors, lactation consultants, first aid trainers and sleep consultants
  • Breathe, feed, and sleep better with a clear nose
  • Reusable 365 days and nights a year
  • Superior design, materials and function


What age is the Snotty Boss suitable for?

Babies, toddlers, pre-schoolers, basically until they're able to blow their own nose.


What’s Included in the Kit?

You will receive EVERYTHING you need to clear your child's nose.
Battery-powered aspirator
3 sized silicon nozzles
Refillable spray bottle (for saline or breastmilk)
Handy carry bag
Online video guide and FAQ


How to Clean a Baby Nasal Aspirator?

It's easy. The unit is waterproof.

Twist off and open the plastic collection cup and nozzle and rinse under hot water. The motor can also be flushed internally in case any snot leaks through.

Don’t attempt to boil or place the parts of the nasal aspirator in a steriliser.

All parts of the Snotty Boss are washable and accessible. Unlike manual rubber bulb aspirator, where the inside of the bulb cannot be accessed or wiped.