Minbie 3M+ Feeding Kit-Extra


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  • Two Teats made of premium-quality German soft silicone:
    • 1x 3P - Slower flow teat requiring your baby to work at the feed
    • 1x 3+ Medium Flow Teat - Slightly faster flow perfect for a 3 month old with a growing appetite
  • 210ml bottle made of BPA-­free polypropylene with bottle collar and cap
  • Special soft silicone seal for hygienic storage or transport of milk and for mixing formula


  • Minbie’s outstanding design is breakthrough in supporting a baby’s instinctive breastfeeding technique - preventing nipple confusion
  • Minbie’s advanced new functionality nurtures your baby’s natural jaw, oral, ear, airway and digestive development
  • Requires babies to work at the feed -preventing lazy feeding
  • Anti-Reflux & Anti-Colic air-valve vent and feeding-motion are exceptional in supporting your baby’s digestion
  • Ideal for using expressed breast ­milk while protecting your baby’s instinctive breastfeeding reflex
  • Bottle is compatible with all Minbie teat’s
  • Safe to clean, store (in refrigerator or freezer) and transport

Category: Bottles

Type: Feeding & Teething

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