Besafe Izi Up X3 Fix Booster Seat

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Type Booster seat
Installation ISOFIX and seatbelt
Child's Size
Child's Age (approx) 4 to 12 yrs (approx)

Forward-facing only

Safe booster seat with sleek minimal design

The Besafe Izi Up X3 Fix is a high-back booster seat, designed to carry children weighing between 15kg and 36kg (around four to 12 years old), forward-facing.

This seat can be secured with or without using the isofix connections together with the adult seatbelt. The seat features an innovative side impact rotation system, which will rotate your child away from side impacts.

Norwegian company Be Safe are world renowned for their safety products, and especially their child restraints, they have made great improvements with the BeSafe iZi Up X3, which now takes up less room in the car thanks to new and improved handles, and the seat can be adjusted between two sleeping positions by your child whilst in the car seat, an older child can recline the seat themselves as the system is similar to a Lazy Boy.

The iZi Up is installed into your vehicle using the car seat belt system without the use of guiding horns, allowing your child to buckle in safely without the risk of incorrect installation.

  • Easy to install using your car's 3-point belt and isofix: the car seat belt is held by the shoulder belt guider, there is a guider for the lap belt which prevents misuse. Older children can buckle in themselves without the chance for wrong installation
  • Two recline positions, which can be operated by the child
  • Side impact protection
  • Simple, sleek design

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