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How to use the Manduca baby carrier

If you're just getting into baby wearing the Manduca is a great place to start. It's easy to use, with an integrated newborn insert so that it can be used for newborns from 3.5kg without needing to buy any other parts. You can carry a newborn or infant on your front, and as the baby grows you can graduate to a back carry. Amazingly, you can carry a child right up to 20kg- that's around the weight of your average five year old!

Newborn- front carry

Using the integrated newborn insert you can carry your newborn on your front

Infant- front carry

At around 4-5 months old you can stop using the newborn insert, simply roll the insert down and tuck it into the elastic holders. You might also want to zip the front of the Manduca so that it is a bit shorter, this way your curious baby will be able to look around. When the baby falls asleep simply un-tuck the hood and clip it to the hooks on the shoulder straps, this will provide support for your baby's head- honestly, the Manduca designers have thought of everything!

Toddler- back carry

You can back carry your child a little before they get to the toddler stage, but we think that around one year old is a good time to start. If your child is walking you can crouch down and encourage them to climb up your back, then just pull the straps of the Manduca over your shoulders, like you would a backpack.

We made a video!

Check out this video to see different ways of using the Manduca, how you can cross over the straps, and a couple of different methods for getting your toddler onto your back.