Mutsy Nexo Foot Muff - More Colours Available

Keep your little one snug as a bug

Beautiful quality, this snuggly little foot muff attaches to your Mutsy Igo stroller. Dutch stroller brand Mutsy certainly knows how to do winter well, with a waterproof outer, thick duvet wadding and polarfleece lining, we wish these footmuff's came in adult size! Attaches to your Igo by sliding over the top of the seat, then simply thread the harness through to finish the job. 

  • Comfortable, soft snug bag can be used on strollers
  • Features splits for harness to allow to adjust them to size of child
  • Protects on cold and windy days, catches child's shoes and socks
  • Features slip hood preventing muff sliding down
  • Stroller sold separately
  • Zip on both sides
  • Foot muff for stroller
  • May be able to fit other strollers, bring yours in to try!
  • Stroller purchased separately