Recaro Easylife V Mountain Buggy Nano

May 22, 2016 2 min read

Recaro Easylife V Mountain Buggy Nano

Lots of people have been asking us what the difference is between these two travel strollers, so we made a video to help show them.

2. Weight of the stroller

Mountainbuggy Nano 5.9kg
Recaro Easylife 5.7kg

3. Unfold

Mountainbuggy Nano: Two handed unfold
Recaro EasylifeOne hand unfold

4. Fold

Mountainbuggy Nano: Two handed fold
Recaro EasylifeOne hand fold

5. Wheels

Mountainbuggy Nano: Four weels
Recaro Easylife: Eight wheels will handle different terrains

7. Baskets

Both have large, easy to access baskets considering the size of the stroller, you can access the Nano's basket from the front and the back.

8. Recline

Both strollers recline to about the same angle, they use a similar system to activate the recline.

9. Handlebar

Both strollers have a continuous handlebar, meaning that you can steer with one hand. Neither of them have adjustable handlebars. The Recaro handle is higher.

10. Age/ Weight Suitability

Neither stroller goes completely flat, so they're approved for babies from six months old. The Recaro is a European stroller, so it's approved for children weighing up to 15kg, the Mountain Buggy is approved up to 20kg.

11. Suspension

The Recaro Easylife Stroller has suspension on every wheel, the Nano has suspension in the rear wheels only. Good suspension will give your child a smoother ride over a variety of terrains.

12. Ventalation

Not something we thing about much in New Zealand, however if you're travelling to somewhere hot your baby will be more comfortable with a ventalated stroleller.
Mountainbuggy Nano: Mesh panel at the bottom of the hood
Recaro Easylife: Mesh panel on both sides of the seat.

13. Seat Size

Mountainbuggy Nano: 24cm seat/ 44cm seat back
Recaro Easylife 23cm / 43cm seat back

14. Rain Cover

Mountainbuggy Nano: Purchased separately (around $50 for raincover & suncover)
Recaro Easylife: Raincover is included in the box
We hope you found this article! Let us know if you want to see any more comparison videos!

5. Wheels

Mountainbuggy Nano: Four weels
Recaro Easylife: Eight wheels will handle different terrains

1. Size when folded

They both have a compact fold, the Nano is slightly smaller. Mountain Buggy say that the Nano can fit in airplane overhead compartments, I think that the EasyLife would fit in the overhead compartments too, but in my experience travelling with the Nano, the airline don't let you take them on board anyway.