May 04, 2016 2 min read

Recaro EasyLife

We have been looking for a compact travel stroller to sell for ages. It needed to be lightweight, with a super compact fold, good quality, with a decent recline, and good looking too! That's quite a few things on our list right? We think that we've ticked all of the boxes with the Recaro Easylife

Things to like about the Recaro Easylife

1. It's lightweight, at just 5.7kg
2. This lightweight pushchair is easy to fold and unfold, once you get the hang of it you can even do both with one hand
3. It's a travel stroller with a good recline, which is perfect for naps on the go, or for your little one to sleep in if you go out for dinner while you're on holiday
4. Mesh vents on the side of the stroller provide ventilation - perfect if you're using the stroller when you're on holiday in a hot country
5. Suspension on every wheel
6. Easy to use brake, even if you're wearing sandals
7. Continuous handlebar so you can push with one hand, crucial when you're a parent! You might notice that some lightweight strollers, particularly umbrella strollers, have a handle on each side - they're a bit annoying because you can't push them with one hand
8. Good looks and quality that you'd expect from a high-end brand like Recaro

So compact!

So compact!

Who is the Recaro Easylife right for?

Pretty much we think that this is the ideal lightweight buggy. You can use it around town, you can keep it in your car or your partners car, it could be your number one stroller if you live in a small apartment, you can take it on holiday with you and it won't take up too much room in your car or taxi. If you're travelling overseas you'll be able to take this stroller with you all the way to the gate, we can't guarantee that they'll let you take it on board with you, but we think that it will fit in the overhead lockers in some of the bigger planes.

If you would like to see more feel free to pop into store for a demo, or check out our video below.