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Line Up Please! Children's Book Review

October 15, 2015

Line Up Please! Children's Book Review

We've just received an order of books from Gecko Press and we're all loving Line Up, Please! by Tomoko Ohmura. A charming book with beautiful artwork, Line Up, Please! will be enjoyed by toddlers, school children and adults alike. Originally printed in Japanese, this book has been translated into English by Gecko Press.

line up please

The story starts with a little frog with the number 50 underneath him, and a sign saying 'the line starts here' we turn the page and find a plethora of little creatures, gecko, mouse, mole, flying squirrel, the creatures grow larger as we move along the queue. Some of the animals are chatting, the weasel at number 42 asks "so, what are we lining up for?"

line up please 3

I love the humour that is injected throughout the book, the animals behind the sheep are all squashed up, the bird above asks him to keep moving and the sheep says "but I'm scared…" we turn the page to find the reason for the sheep's caution, he is in line behind the wolf! The zebra at number 8 is looking pretty uneasy sandwiched between the lion and the tiger, poor zebra!

We meet familiar animals like a cow and a pig, and new ones like a beaver and a tapir, there are plenty of opportunities for children to make animal noises as we make our way to the front of the line to finally find what everyone is waiting for… a ride on a blue whale!! Two pages fold out so that we can see all the animals lined up along the whale's back, from the frog at the back to the elephant at the front. line up please

There are so many concepts that children can learn from this book, counting, animal names, noises and behavior, plus patience and humor, and there are so many different ways that you can read it, depending on the age of the child. We think that this book is suitable for toddlers right up to school aged children, and it's the perfect book to take on holiday with you, due to its light weight and flexibility.

line up please 2

I'm really enjoying reading Line Up, Please! to my toddler and it has quickly become one of her favourite books. I'm surprised that she knows some animal names, like turtle, I wonder where she learnt that? She enjoys demonstrating the animal noises, and showing me how much she knows, at this stage I'm not reading all of the dialogue to her but as she gets older we'll read more. We have also used this book for acting like animals, I will ask her to hop like a frog or walk like a giraffe, with over 50 animals in the book there are plenty of options. When the animals go for the whale ride, I ask her to point out specific animals, which she loves. Hours of fun in this little book, highly recommend! Perfect first birthday gift.

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