February 14, 2020 5 min read

7 Reasons Why You Should Consider a Mutsy icon

Meet The Icon: Mutsy’s newest design! The Dutch stroller makers, Mutsy, have infused their famous looks and functionality in this refined and unique design. Providing maximum comfort, for your baby and for you – so you can effortlessly step into the world together!

The Icon can be used with the carry cot, reversible stroller seat, various car seats and numerous handy accessories. 

There are so many things to love about the Mutsy Icon! Here are my top 7.

1. Take the icon with the carrycot for a comfortable walk  

With the icon carrycot you can take the Mutsy icon out for walks with your newborn. The lightweight carrycot is mounted quite high on the frame, making it easier on your back when you lift your baby out of the carrycot. It can be easily collapsed so that it can be stored and transported compactly.

The bonus feature is that you can also use the carrycot separately as a bassinet at home! When your little one can sit independently, roll over or push themselves up on their hands and knees (around 6 months old), it's time to replace the carrycot with the reversible seat. 

The frame (with wheels) is super light at just 9kg, making it super easy to handle. The icon has great suspension in the front wheels as well as the frame, giving them shock absorption and making the ride nice and smooth for bubs. The front wheels are larger than some strollers, for example the Bugaboo Cameleon3 and the Mutsy i2, which helps when it comes to pushing over bumpy terrain, and curbs, but they're not so big that they're heavy.

Before you start your afternoon walk in the park, set the push-bar at the best height for you with the handy button. The push bar is fitted with four height settings (telescopic and in degrees), making it suitable for parents of all heights. 

2. Click the capsule into the frame for a short trip

Maxi-Cosi adapters are available to purchase separately and they do make life with a new bubba just a little bit easier. With the adapters you can click your capsule (car seat) straight into the frame of the icon, which is totally handy if baby is sleeping, if you're in a hurry, or if baby is a bit tired and you don't want to disturb them for a quick grocery trip. We only recommend using this configuration for short trips under an hour.

The Maxi-Cosi adapters are compatible with a range of capsules, not just Maxi-Cosi, in the image above we're using a Maxi-Cosi Cabriofix capsule, which can be used from newborn to 10 to 12 months depending on the weight and height of the little one.

They will also take BeSafe, Nuna, Cybex, Mountain Buggy Protect, Phil&Teds alpha and a few others. The Maxi-Cosi system is used by a lot of brands, so there are possibly more capsules which aren't listed here. If you've purchased your capsule elsewhere and want to be sure it will fit the adapters, just give us a call, or drop by the store to try it out!

3. Reversible seat with ergonomic recline for a healthy nap on the go

At Global Baby we're big advocates for parent-facing seats on strollers, your baby's favourite thing in the whole world to look at, is you. Having the option of strolling with your baby facing you is a huge bonus! I love being able to chat and smile to my baby while I walk, if she is upset I can give her some reassuring words, I know if her hat slides over her eyes or if she's in the sun. 

The Mutsy icon has a toddler foot rest when the seat is in the forward facing position, so when your baby grows up they might be more comfortable facing the world.

The fully adjustable backrest and leg support ensures your child always sits and naps in the ideal ergonomic position. Take a look at some of the other strollers on the market and you'll notice that when the baby is in the reclined sleeping position, they're not lying flat. Their back might be parallel to the ground, but they're still in a seated position with bent legs. The icon has an ergonomic recline so when the baby is in the sleeping position the seat is completely flat, making for comfy sleeps.

The seat canopy can be extended, if you are using the reclining position or if you want to protect your child against bright sunlight, or wind. The canopy features a double-layered back section, so it's always well ventilated! 

4. I love how many accessories are available for the icon

Make sure you've got your hands on one of the seat UV cover, and protect your little one from New Zealand's harsh rays.

The Mutsy Icon Footmuff is one of the best stroller accessories you'll ever buy! It's like a little sleeping bag that attaches to your stroller, making it the cuddliest, cosiest place for your baby on a cold or windy day, you'll be jealous of your baby when they're snuggled up in there!!

The icon's seat rain cover, carrycot rain cover and Maxi-Cosi adpters are also in stock.

You can keep the accessories in the shopping basket located between the wheels underneath the chassis. The nappy bag showing in the photo above is the Stevie Luxe Black Scuba from Storksak

5. Quick one-piece fold thanks to icon's innovative folding system

With the smart one-piece fold, the unfold is equally easy and hassle-free!

Lots of you have been asking what the differences are between the Mutsy i2, and the icon, so we made this handy video. We lost sound around the five minute mark, then regained it around the eight minute mark, sorry!! Hopefully the subtitles help.

You'll find the icon's one-piece fold demo at 650″.

6. Our most compact full-size stroller that fits almost any car

This extra compact collapsible frame fits in almost any car and is easy to carry even with the seat attached. If you need more space, then the detachable wheels can be taken off with a simple push of the releasing button on each wheels. Still unsure if the icon would fit your car? Just give us a call or drop by to try it out in your boot.

7. Lots of colours!



Just like all Mutsy strollers, the icon features a sleek design and stylish colours.

We have the Anthracite and Urban Grey colour available online and at our Auckland baby store. I personally love the colour and fabric of the Urban Grey, so I got the the Urban Grey icon for my third baby on the way!

We're expecting another order at the start of March, including the Classic Grey and the Classic Green colour, which you can pre-order now. Find our full Mutsy icon range here.


I think that if you're looking for a baby travel system, this uniquely designed Mutsy icon is a great option, if you'd like to see more come and see us in store at Global Baby, 161 Manukau Road, Epsom, Auckland, or contact us if you have any questions.